Benefits of Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Benefits of Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Garden furniture is something I’m really interested in at the moment, because we’re planning our biggest renovation project yet: the drive and back garden.

We want something that will last, that is comfortable, that is easy to clean, and relatively affordable. Not asking for much then am I?!

We want our garden to be as welcoming and inviting as it can be. It’s currently overgrown, the raised borders are all crumbling and falling down, and there’s hardly any space for garden furniture because of our double garage. Whilst the garage is staying, getting rid of the raised borders altogether will give us at least an extra 3 feet of space.

Our plan is to have part decking and part patio. We don’t want any grass at all, just pots, pots, and more pots (easier to look after, and much tidier).

I want furniture that will look lovely for a long time, and that is easy to clean. Rattan furniture is the best for this. It needs to be able to continue to look new, even after you’ve had it a few months, and no weather should change this. We get a lot of rain in the UK, so it needs to be rain proof.

There are tonnes of benefits of synthetic rattan furniture, and below is an infographic which explains why it’s absolutely the one you should go for. I’m completely convinced.



Infographic from Skyline about the benefits of synthetic rattan furniture


*Collaborative post

Header photo by The Garden Furniture Centre.

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