Why I Love Granite Worktops

Why I Love Granite Worktops

When Jay announced that he’d found a second-hand kitchen on eBay, I said absolutely no way. There is no way I’m buying our kitchen off eBay.

So of course we ended up buying it. We couldn’t have afforded as nice a kitchen from new: we didn’t have a spare £20k (who does).

We got the keys to our first home in January 2017, and we had bought the kitchen in October 2016. Definitely a risk, and I would not advise anyone to do this! We stored the kitchen in my dad’s office until we were ready to fit it into the house. It was in excellent condition, made of solid wood with granite worktops, and it came with the built-in fridge and freezer, the Belfast sink and the range cooker.


Mock up of our kitchen and deciding where the units are going.

Mocking up where we wanted units to go.


But the big selling point of this kitchen was its granite worktops. Granite (or stone in general) wasn’t something I’d ever wanted. I’ve always wanted wooden work surfaces just because they’re a bit softer. The granite can look and feel quite cold. But our granite work surfaces have had so many complements from people, and I will be the first to admit that they’re so practical.


Green kitchen tiles in country kitchen


I’d absolutely buy a stone work surface again. Ours has been so hard wearing. I’ve basically used it as a chopping board in the past and it doesn’t have one scratch on it. It’s more likely to blunt the knife than the knife is to scratch the surface.

You can choose from a whole variety of colours and textures. I quite like our black work surface, but you can get anything from white to black to brown to red. Ours also has quite a lot of sparkle in it, but you can choose one with more or less.

Unlike wooden surfaces, stone doesn’t have to be maintained. Wood usually needs re-varnishing or has to be retreated every few years to protect it against any water or food damage. This can become expensive over time, and it’s likely that wood won’t last as long anyway. The granite will look after itself for a long time.

If you’re like me and have fallen in love with stone worktops, The Marble Store does a whole range of Unistone worktops, that are made of 95% quartz. They come in over 20 colours so there’ll definitely be one you love.

Would you have granite worktops or do you prefer something else?

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