Protect Your Home When You’re Away

Protect Your Home When You’re Away

Our homes are really important to us.

They’re filled with personal items, expensive items, valuable items, and nostalgic items. You can’t imagine anything worse than being burgled and potentially losing some of your best possessions. So how can you protect your home when you’re away?

Travelling is something a lot of people do. We’re a nation that is interested in other cultures and other people. We want to experience everything we can and open our eyes to parts of the world we wouldn’t believe could exist.

Whether you’re going away for 5 days or a month, you’ll want your home to be safe from any intrusions. Some people might actually be afraid to go on holiday because of the thought of leaving their home unattended.

There are plenty of steps you can take to keep your home safe and sound whilst you’re off travelling the world. I’ve just got back from my 3 week honeymoon. This isn’t a huge amount of time, but I was still worried about being gone. How could we make it look like we were still in the house, without making it look too suspicious that we’re away? There are plenty of ways you can protect your home when you’re away, and I wanted to write about a couple of them here.

If you’re still worried about leaving your home behind, then take a look at this home security guide by Verisure to make sure you’re doing absolutely everything you can.


Make Your House Come Alive

The first step to a secure home is making sure it looks like someone is in. We bought some timer switches from our local ScrewFix at £5.99 a go. We bought two, and set up one downstairs and one upstairs. I set the downstairs timer to come on at 4.30pm and go off at 10pm. I set the upstairs one to come on at 9.45pm and go off at 10.45pm. This made it look like we were moving around, and going upstairs to bed. It really made me less anxious knowing that our house looked lived in.


Living room with sofa, coffee table and TV

We closed our curtains and left a light on a timer while we were away.


It’s a good idea to ask your neighbours to put your bins out the first week you’re away, and then ask them to move them back onto the drive. We left on a Friday, and wanted the bins to go out the following Tuesday. Rather than leaving them out the whole time we’re gone, which looks very suspicious, our neighbours sorted it all for us. They also kept a general eye on the house to make sure everything seemed in order.


Have a family member or neighbour pop round

We’re lucky that our family lives nearby. My mum popped into the house once a week to check for important post, water the plants, and make sure that nothing disastrous had happened, like the electrics going off and defrosting the freezer. Letting the post build up makes it obvious you’re not there, so the letterbox should be cleared every now and then.


Up Your Security

If you don’t have a house alarm, then you should invest in one. Many people have alarms, but don’t use them because “it’s a hassle” or “I always forget to set it”. But you’d be amazed at how quickly it becomes a part of your routine when you leave the house. It’s very simple: if you’re the last one out, set the alarm. The next person in will be able to turn it off with no problems.

If you have pets, setting alarms can be difficult. If you can lock them in one room, you can set the programme to isolate that room so the sensors won’t trigger the alarm. You can also get ‘pet-friendly’ alarms, which is what we have. If you set it to pet mode, a cat or dog isn’t a big enough target to set the alarm off, meaning they can roam where they want.

You might also want to consider window locking systems. Or even CCTV so you can track your home from wherever you are in the world, as long as you have WiFi.

You should also check the locks on any doors and window. Any broken ones will need to be replaced before you go.


Protect your home when you're away: man locking back french doors with key

Take Shorter Journeys

If you’re still really unsure about going away for a long period of time, you could always take more short trips regularly than one big long trip. Sometimes this means travelling shorter distances too. We might choose to take 3 short holidays in the UK, for example, instead of one long flight to Australia for 3 weeks.


As you can see, you have several options to protect your home when you’re away. You shouldn’t feel restricted because of your house. You can do things completely as you wish according to what’s most convenient for you and your needs. So, don’t put things off any longer! The world is your oyster, and it’s time to start exploring it.

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