2019 Home Renovation Plans

2019 Home Renovation Plans

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have a list of 20 jobs that you’ve been meaning to get around to, but somehow haven’t… What better time to start than the new year?

A new year is a time for new starts. You might be considering moving house, or there might be a tonne of DIY jobs that have built up over the years and been ignored. Well, now the expense of Christmas is out of the way, a New Year makeover could well be on the cards for you.

Me and Jay have got so many plans for our home in the New Year. The list just seems to be getting longer and longer. So here’s what we want to achieve in 2019.


Garden and Driveway Renovation

The biggest of our plans is the garden renovation, which I’ve talked about so many times, sorry if you’re getting bored of the topic. We’re hoping to get it done around Summer 2019, which is now only 6 months away. We want to clear the front and back, and have a new driveway, and we plan to put decking in the back garden, with new raised borders. It’s a huge project that I’m really looking forward to!

To try and save money on that particular project, Jay is going to try and do things like the decking himself. We’ll buy all the decking parts from somewhere nearby like C & W Berry, and attempt to put it all together (and hope it stays up after Jay’s work).


Two Double Bedrooms

The only rooms we have left in the house are the two bedrooms! One is ours, which requires more work. It houses the hot water tank which takes up a lot of space and makes our bedroom sweltering in the summer. When we convert the boiler to a combi, we’ll be able to get rid of the hot water tank, and make loads of space for a nice new wardrobe.

Bedroom with green and cream duvet cover with bedside table
A very rare photo of our bedroom because it’s got green carpet from the 80s and cream, embossed wallpaper

I recently published a bedroom inspiration post showing the colour scheme and style I want to go with. I’m so excited to get our bedroom looking nice.

The second bedroom is our other double. Our third, single bedroom has been converted to a home office already, but our double bedroom still has green carpet and blue stripy wallpaper (it’s just as lovely as it sounds).

This second bedroom won’t take as much work as our master bedroom, but needs new carpet and wallpaper/paint.


‘Little Jobs’

There’s still so many little jobs amongst my home renovation plans. When our house was plastered whilst we were renovating it, we weren’t very happy with the job done, and some of our lightswitches have cracked plaster around them. The plaster also cracked around our new blind this week, causing it to half fall down. AND when Jay put up our dining room light, I decided I wanted it 10cm to the left, so there’s a hole in our dining room ceiling. Basically there’s a whole load of plastering that needs doing.

Dining room we renovated as part of our home renovation plans, with hole in the ceiling
Our dining room featuring the hole in the ceiling yet to be replastered.

We’re also hoping to get some sort of under stairs organisation done. At the moment, everything’s exposed and tends to make the lounge look a mess. You can see it demonstrated best in this photo:

Living room with Christmas tree up showing how messy our under stairs is
Our messy under stairs storage which houses the electrics, the hoover and the mop!

Jay’s planning on closing the whole thing off so it has one door on it. This means we can easily put things in, but it’ll look so much tidier.

Basically, we have got a lot to crack on with in 2019! What home renovation plans do you have for 2019?


*Collaborative post

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