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Welcome to Dream of Home: If you don’t like home decor, house renovation blogs, DIY, books, or dogs, then don’t read this blog.


Oh, and if you’re just here for my email address: dreamofhomeblog@outlook.com

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Hi, I’m Sarah

Welcome to my blog, Dream of Home. Don’t ask me about the name, I don’t really know where it came from.

I’ve blogged plenty of times in the past (Sarah’s Bookshelf was my book reviewing site), but when university got tough in third year, it became forgotten.

Upon the renovation of my new (and first!) home, I decided to start a brand new blog, documenting our house from a chaotic mess to our dream home. You’ll hear a lot about Jay on this site: he’s the DIY-crazed fiancĂ©.

I suppose this blog comes under house renovation blogs, interior decor and books? Who needs a niche these days anyway?! I blog about whatever I fancy: food, books, weddings, life, places.

Now that the house is finished, I’m writing much more about dream and luxury decor that I definitely can’t afford, but it looks beautiful.

I also love pretty books, hardback books, thriller and crimes books, and bookstores. I do book reviews (usually on a Friday), and post some blog posts mainly about pretty Pinterest-esque book covers.

I’ll also be blogging some lifestyle pieces, and wedding-related dramas, though there haven’t been too many of those yet.

I love hearing from my fellow bloggers and readers, so don’t be afraid to drop me a comment or two. I aim to write some great content, help others out when they need it (wedding advice, house advice, book recommendations, etc.), and meet some great people along the way.

Where to Start?

If you’re new, these blog posts should introduce you the best to me and my life:

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