Lamps for your Home Office

In case you don’t know yet, I’m renovating my home office. This is a project I’m so excited about, and can’t wait to get finished (more so I can move all my books out of our spare room and back onto their shelves). This project got me thinking about desk lamps. They add height to the room and the desk, and are an accessory as…

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Using Artwork in the Home

I’ve been after some artwork for our home for so long, and struggled to know what I wanted. Using artwork in the home isn’t always the easiest task. Artwork was on my list as the last thing to add to our home. All our walls have been newly plastered so we wanted to get all our furniture and accessories in place first before we starting…

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An Update on our Study Renovation

All the way back in December, I wrote this post about renovating our study.  We were planning on having it finished at the end of January, but we have barely even started it. This is just a quick post to say we will renovate our study at some point, but who knows when that will be. Here are the problems we’ve come across with the renovation…

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Home Improvements I’m Dying to Make

Those of you that regularly read my blog will know we renovated our entire house exactly one year ago. Home improvements aren’t easy, but this house absolutely needed it. Luckily, we came out the other side and absolutely adore our house (you can check out my home decor Instagram for plenty of updates on how the house looks now). There are some home improvements that I…

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5 Steps To A Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist, modern living is a way to form a relaxing space, so here are the basic steps to achieve a minimalist living room. Love them or hate them, you have to admit that minimalist, open plan spaces manage to tread the tightrope of being both impactful and relaxing all at the same time. When we first looked around our house, we knew straightaway that we’d…

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