Tools to Home Make DIY Easier

For a lot of people, DIY isn’t a passion which fills them with joy and satisfaction, but you can make DIY easier. Instead, this sort of work is done out of necessity, as you want to save money around your home. But it isn’t always easy. In a lot of cases, barriers will be presented to you, and you won’t have a way to overcome…

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A House Update: Fitting our washing machine

We moved into our renovated house last week, but we still don’t have a washing machine. One of the huge selling points of our house was the double garage in the back garden, which is where our washing machine is being fitted. Luckily, our mums live nearby, and they have let us their theirs for now!  For those that have read the news this week, there…

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How we got our free fireplace (really)

There aren’t many things that come free, so when they do you have to snap up the offer, like we did with our free fireplace. It happened by accident: we didn’t mean to get a free fireplace, and we weren’t trying to barter the price down. It was made out of leftover and unwanted materials, paid for by other people. Our original fireplace was in…

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Jay demolishes things: I remove wallpaper

I was really excited to get the wallpaper off the walls, partly because it was all patterned and pink. The wallpaper in this room wasn’t too bad, and I could have lived with it, but that carpet! You can’t tell from the photo but it was all worn through in several places, especially around the sofas where people would sit down. Exhibit B manages to…

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How to successfully remove a kitchen

The biggest job of this house renovation is removing and replacing the kitchen. When we bought our house, we knew it needed work. The decor was very dated, and probably hadn’t been changed for at least 30 years. Our mistake was thinking that we could simply strip some wallpaper and repaint, and replace the carpets. Well, we were wrong. The kitchen was removed after having…

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