Shelf Styling for Under £50

There’s some truly stunning shelf styling going on out there in people’s homes and on their Instagram grids. But it seems that some of the decor is high end, or that you need to buy 50 new items to make your shelves look full. But I’m here to prove that this isn’t so. I set myself the challenge of buying and styling shelves for our…

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How to Visualise your Interiors in 6 Steps

Something I’ve always struggled with is visualising interiors. How will that rug look on that floor? How will that chair look in that corner? Will this cushion go with the chair? How can you know these things without carrying your chair around John Lewis Home to match it to the perfect cushion? Visualising is something I find difficult. I also don’t like making risky choices…

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Deciding your Bedroom Flooring

Deciding your bedroom flooring isn’t always easy—there’s pros and cons for every type of floor—but I’m here to (hopefully) help you decide. This year, we’re hoping to renovate our two double bedrooms, which means picking out new wallpaper, paint, and deciding on our bedroom flooring. I’ve already created two mood boards for the bedroom here and here, and both examples contain a sort of walnut…

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Blue and Pink Bedroom Inspiration

So I’ve already written a post about master bedroom inspiration, but as always, I’ve changed my mind about what I want. Last time, I wanted dark green walls (which is still an option). Recently, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about navy blue and blush pink. But when I told hubby this last night, he was not convinced. He looked at me like I…

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Inspiration for your Christmas Fireplace

I can’t get enough of Christmas decor at the moment. It makes your home come alive, and then your home feels empty again when it all comes down.  There are so many ways you can introduce luxurious Christmas decorations into your home without spending loads of money. I recently wrote a post about buying Christmas decor under £40. I’m a huge money saver, and don’t…

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