Create the Outdoors Inside your Home

Just because your home doesn’t have countryside views doesn’t mean that you can’t still find a way to be at one with nature. There are lots of ways to give your interior a natural feel that can make it a cosy and peaceful retreat from the urban hustle and bustle outdoors. Here are just a few ways to bring the outdoors into your home.  …

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What’s Your Go-To Colour for your Home?

We all have our favourite colour, the colour we always go to when buying clothes, or picking wallpaper. But have you ever thought about what your go-to colour might suggest about your personality? My go-to colour to use around the home is green, and I have NO idea why. I first used sage green in our tiles in the kitchen.     I’m not very…

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Interior Design for a Peaceful Bedroom

Craving the peaceful bedroom you’ve always wanted? Here’s how you can achieve it. Me and Jay are planning our next big room renovation: the master bedroom. I’ve got so many ideas about how I want the finished space to look, but I’ve been deciphering how to achieve the ultimate peaceful bedroom. It’s something we all want: an uncluttered, child-free space where we can enjoy a…

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Home Office Room Reveal

This home office room reveal has been a loooong time in the making. I’ve written not one, but two posts before reaching this point. The first outlined my plans for the room (which of course changed), and the second was an update on the renovation. The second post explains why the whole thing was so delayed. We wanted to have the study finished by the…

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Lamps for your Home Office

In case you don’t know yet, I’m renovating my home office. This is a project I’m so excited about, and can’t wait to get finished (more so I can move all my books out of our spare room and back onto their shelves). This project got me thinking about desk lamps. They add height to the room and the desk, and are an accessory as…

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