Benefits of Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Garden furniture is something I’m really interested in at the moment, because we’re planning our biggest renovation project yet: the drive and back garden. We want something that will last, that is comfortable, that is easy to clean, and relatively affordable. Not asking for much then am I?! We want our garden to be as welcoming and inviting as it can be. It’s currently overgrown,…

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Rookie Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

I’m not the most knowledgable person when it comes to renovating a house. But I have done it, and experienced it first hand. We ourselves made plenty of rookie renovation mistakes. No matter how much research and preparation you do in advance, you’ll always come across problems you weren’t expecting, problems you might not know how to solve. This is completely normal, and we definitely…

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How to Know When you Should Move or Improve

Do you ever find yourself doing a food shop and ‘unknowingly’ end up on Rightmove. Sound familiar? Perhaps you’re stuck in a home rut. You’re fed up with your furniture, and your kitchen that feels small and dark. You wish you had a bigger downstairs bathroom. You’ll just have a ‘quick look’ on Zoopla, and 2 hours later, you’re looking at a £2 million mansion…

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How Double Glazing and a Garage can Improve your Home

Thinking of doing some home renovations? Here’s why you need to consider adding a garage, and double glazing to improve your home. When it comes to being house proud, many of us focus on cleaning and tidying the interiors of our property. Now, this is all well and good when it comes to maintaining your space to a show home standard. But don’t forget that…

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Things to Remember Whilst Renovating a Bathroom

Thinking of renovating a bathroom? There’s LOADS to think about. Bathrooms can be difficult places to decorate and design. We need them to be practical, but also look and feel nice, which is a bit of a challenge. This post gives you plenty of ideas for when you’re renovating a bathroom, and also things you need to look out for. Leave Space It’s a good idea…

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