4 Steps to an Organised Wardrobe

An organised wardrobe is absolutely an essential if you want a tidy and clutter free bedroom. But sometimes, it’s easier said than done. Maybe you’re in the throes of purchasing a fitted wardrobe, or are still designing one you’re thinking of putting in. Me and Jay are hoping that, in the new year when we get a new boiler, we can take our hot water…

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Why I Love Granite Worktops

When Jay announced that he’d found a second-hand kitchen on eBay, I said absolutely no way. There is no way I’m buying our kitchen off eBay. So of course we ended up buying it. We couldn’t have afforded as nice a kitchen from new: we didn’t have a spare £20k (who does). We got the keys to our first home in January 2017, and we…

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Should you Renovate a Rental Property?

Have you ever wanted to replace a shelf, change the floors, or even add an extension to your property, but you can’t because it’s a rented space?  Renting somewhere can be frustrating. You want to put your own touch on a place, but you’re really restricted. You love your home, and couldn’t imagine moving out over a bit of redecoration. Most people wouldn’t bother to…

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Benefits of Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Garden furniture is something I’m really interested in at the moment, because we’re planning our biggest renovation project yet: the drive and back garden. We want something that will last, that is comfortable, that is easy to clean, and relatively affordable. Not asking for much then am I?! We want our garden to be as welcoming and inviting as it can be. It’s currently overgrown,…

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How To Make Your Conservatory More Usable

Many people have had conservatories added to their home, but found they aren’t using it as much as they thought. It can be used as a new dining room, a lounge, a TV room, many people have even used it as an office. Planning the interior of your conservatory is definitely an exciting task. All you need to do is to choose from the best…

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