Interior Trends for 2019

The New Year is edging closer, and with that comes a whole host of new home trends to get to grips with. Whether you’re making big changes to your interiors, or are just looking for some small and simple ways to revamp your home, knowing these interior trends for 2019 allows you to make decisions ahead of time that’ll keep your home on-trend and modern.…

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Quirky Garden Ideas for Summer 2019

Fed up of your garden? Is the thought of spring making you want to change things up a bit? I’m already fed up of winter, and looking forward to the lighter, warmer evenings. I can’t wait to get our garden renovated and be able to spend time outside and actually enjoy our environment. The team at Urban Pods, garden pod suppliers, got in touch with…

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Protect Your Home When You’re Away

Our homes are really important to us. They’re filled with personal items, expensive items, valuable items, and nostalgic items. You can’t imagine anything worse than being burgled and potentially losing some of your best possessions. So how can you protect your home when you’re away? Travelling is something a lot of people do. We’re a nation that is interested in other cultures and other people.…

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4 Steps to an Organised Wardrobe

An organised wardrobe is absolutely an essential if you want a tidy and clutter free bedroom. But sometimes, it’s easier said than done. Maybe you’re in the throes of purchasing a fitted wardrobe, or are still designing one you’re thinking of putting in. Me and Jay are hoping that, in the new year when we get a new boiler, we can take our hot water…

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Why I Love Granite Worktops

When Jay announced that he’d found a second-hand kitchen on eBay, I said absolutely no way. There is no way I’m buying our kitchen off eBay. So of course we ended up buying it. We couldn’t have afforded as nice a kitchen from new: we didn’t have a spare £20k (who does). We got the keys to our first home in January 2017, and we…

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