Achieve a Beautiful but Practical Bathroom

Wondering how to achieve a beautiful but practical bathroom? Here’s the best advice!

Most importantly, your bathroom needs to be practical. You need a working sink, toilet and bath/shower. But you can have all these things, as well as make your bathroom beautiful.

Here’s how to create a beautiful but practical bathroom that you can relax in.


Making your bathroom practical

Firstly, your bathroom needs to do the job it’s there for. You need toilet, sink and shower/bath as well as any storage units to hold products, razors, flannels, etc.

You need to prioritise your bathroom essentials and get rid of anything that isn’t used or needed. Especially if your bathroom isn’t the largest.

A bath can take up a large amount of space. You could get a shower that hangs over the bath, but if you only have a scrub in the tub a couple of times in winter, you should consider getting rid of it. You can replace it with a stunning walk-in shower instead.

Or you could use the extra space to store other bathroom necessities.

Money is also an important practical factor. Only go with what you can afford to spend. You should be sensible with where and how you’re spending.

Is it necessary to have a top-of-the-line massaging shower head, or would a cheaper alternative do the job just as well?

There may be other pressing matters that money can be spent on. Do you have a damp problem? Maybe the paint on the ceiling is peeling? These things can make your bathroom look shabby, so be practical and sort them out.


Making your bathroom beautiful

Your bathroom is used regularly, but also looked at regularly. Maybe you get embarrassed when someone asks to use it. This is a sign to make some changes!

First, you should draw inspiration, find ideas, and take advice from professionals in the industry of creating beautiful bathrooms, such as

You should then take all the information you can find or are given and make them fit around YOUR bathroom. You must do this, because there is no point in getting things into your bathroom that neither fit or suit its shape and style.

Then you should assess exactly what is needed in your bathroom and see how these necessities can be made to be pleasing to the eye. This could mean filling your walls in waterproof tiling that suits your colour scheme. Or, this could mean decorating your toilet with little accessories, such as plants.

Finally, you should ensure that your bathroom is kept clean and stain free AT ALL TIMES. And yes, this means getting the old elbow grease out and scrubbing away at all those bathtub rings in your bathtub until they disappear.

Our bath/shower has a glass panel that has a flexible plastic slider that ensures water can’t escape under the glass panel and onto the floor. This is the sort of place mould tends to grow, so we bleach it every month and leave it to dry.


Your bathroom is a place that is going to be both looked at and used regularly, so it needs to be in equal parts a beautiful but practical bathroom. Bare this in mind when it comes to your next bathroom renovation.


Tips for a warm and toasty bathroom

Bathrooms can often feel like cold places, with their hard tiles and white suites, so here’s how to get a warm and toasty bathroom ready for the winter.

Have you ever noticed that your bathroom is the worst room for feeling cold? Ideally you want a warm and toasty bathroom, as it’s the room where you  wear the least amount of clothes. You can’t just stick the electric heater on when you’re in the bathroom waiting for the shower to get warm.

So how can you get a cosy bathroom the sensible way? With the right sort of research, you can find loads of different tools to keep the heat in your bathroom. To help you out with this, I’ll be exploring some of the best options out there. With these ideas, you’ll have a warm and toasty bathroom in no time.


Underfloor heating

The worst offender for the chill in most bathrooms is the floor. Bathroom floors are normally made of tile and sit directly on the floorboards of the house, unlike carpet which will sit on underlay. This is why your bathroom floor is always cold, and can’t gather any heat during winter. 

To solve this issue, some underfloor heating should do the trick for most people. Like a normal heater, this sort of device can be controlled by your thermostat, and will only turn on when it needs to.


Heated Towel Rail

Most people don’t like to waste space in this sort of room with bulky items like heaters. Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house, so you don’t want to waste any precious space.

In reality, you can find a stunning selection of bathroom suites which include heated towel rails. This sort of product adds heat to your room, while the other elements will compliment it nicely.

We opted for a towel rail in our bathroom to replace the old radiator in there and I love it. It’s slim and fits in perfectly without looking bulky. It adds heat to the room and also makes the towel nice and toasty when you get out the shower. 


Good Insulation

Finally, as the last option to keep your room warm, it’s time to think about insulation. Windows, walls, and ceilings can all be insulated to keep heat inside your home. There are loads of companies out there with the tools and resources to make changes like this to your home. But, like most construction jobs, it’s best to read some reviews before you choose.


Getting out of the shower into a cold room is never comfortable. Heat in the bathroom will also reduce the amount of water which condenses on the windows, as the surfaces will be warm. Of course, though, just the thought of using the toilet in the cold should be enough to convince you.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start adding some warmth to your bathroom. It doesn’t take much to make improvements here, and it’s worth putting in the effort to get a warm and toasty bathroom which you can relax in.