The Benefits of a Wet Room

What are the benefits of a wet room? And can you get stylish ones?

When people think of a wet room, it’s not exactly the most glamorous image. For some reason, wet rooms make us think of boring cream tiles, in a large room that looks something like a disabled toilet. However, wet rooms shouldn’t just be for elderly or disabled people. They can be fashionable, stylish rooms. So I’m here to change your mind and look at the benefits of a wet room.


Easy to clean

Firstly, wet rooms are easy to clean. You can use standard bathroom cleaner on all the tiles and the floor, cleaning it all in one easy way. And there’s no glass scum to contend with which is ALWAYS a bonus. The floor can easily be mopped, and excess water pushed into the drain in the middle of the room.


Best use of space

The one downside to a wet room is that you can’t have a bath in it. However, if you wanted an accessible-friendly bath, you could use walk-in baths in another bathroom if you have one. These are wonderful for people like my Grandma, who loves baths but can no longer get in and out of one. They also take up less space as they’re more upright so you can sit fully in them.

However, if you go for a normal wet room, there’s no need for a bath, making the room look and feel bigger. This may decrease the value of your house. If you’re worried about this, make sure you have another bathroom else where in the house that contains a bath.


Benefits of a wet room includes more space. Shower and toilet in a stunning tiled wetroom

Photo credit: Victoria Plum,


Adding quality to your home

The benefits of a wet room can even reach as far as improving the value of your home. They’re so waterproof that there’s less chance of a leak. In a regular bathroom, water can get into areas it shouldn’t. How many times have you put the kids in the bath, and half the water has gone on the floor?

In a wet room, all the water is channeled into a central drain, meaning water runs off correctly where it belongs.


Top Tip: Worried about all that cold tile underfoot? Install underfloor heating for extra warmth. It also helps the room dry faster.


Photo credit: Damian Russell



Obviously, although all of the above are excellent, the main benefit of a wet room is how accessible it is, especially for the elderly or disabled. There’s no step up into a shower or bath. You can add a seat into the room which even comes in handy when drying yourself.

The only thing to look out for is slippy tiles. A rubbery-soled pair of flip flops will stop you from slipping as much, so keep a pair in the wet room so you can get out easily.


Wet rooms are the best beautiful but practical bathrooms around. The benefits of a wet room are endless, and they CAN be stylish too.


Our future bathroom plans

Future bathroom plans and where we’ll be living next.

Even though me and Jay only moved into our house 9 months ago, I’m always thinking ahead to our next place. I feel like we’ve already out grown this house, but how is that possible?! When I first moved out of my parents’, I couldn’t believe I’d have a whole house to fill with all my stuff. Now it feels too small. We’ve obviously got used to the house too quickly.

So I have a whole list of criteria that the next house has to include. I need a utility room. At the moment, our washing ends up drying in the living room or dining room, and it looks messy.

My other requirement is three bathrooms. I know this sounds like a lot, but hear me out! I’d love a downstairs bathroom. It doesn’t have to be big. Just a space for a sink, toilet and radiator. I’d also love an en-suite off the master bedroom, and a large family bathroom. Here’s how I envisage each of them.


Downstairs toilet

If we had space, we would have put a downstairs toilet in our current house. However, the stairs aren’t long enough to fit one underneath. Unless you want to be crouching whilst on the toilet. Not ideal.

I suppose it’s not a big thing, but I hate guests going into our main bathroom, and seeing our messy products everywhere.

We’re always cleaning it just in case someone comes over. If we had a downstairs toilet, guests could use this, and not have to go upstairs at all. It’s also much easier to clean and manage.


Bold wallpaper in bathroom with white sink

Downstairs toilet inspiration: Mad About the House,

En-Suite Bathroom

This is especially important when me and Jay have kids. I don’t want to get in a bath that’s already got a toy shark, toy boat, and a muddy scum line around it. I want a nice peaceful, tranquil bathroom of our own, where I can go for a wee in peace. And fill it with candles. Not a child’s toy in site!

It’s also especially useful for when multiple people are trying to shower at once. Once children come along, it won’t just be me and Jay fighting over the shower, but possibly three or four of us!

Our bathroom would have a freestanding bathtub, as well as a walk-in shower, and his and her sinks (I can dream).

As we get older, I’d definitely consider walk-in baths. My Grandma loves having baths and hate showers, but unfortunately as she got older, she found it impossible to get in and out of one. You can even got modern ones that look like standard baths.


Photo credit: Design Soda, en-suite bathroom


Family Bathroom

Part of our future bathroom plans is to have a family bathroom. For the reasons mentioned above, it’s a must. When I lived with my parents, me, my brother and sister shared it. Luckily, we had a pump shower which meant one of us could have a shower at the same time as my parents. When there’s five of you living in a house, this is a need.

I’d also like the family bathroom to have a separate bath and shower, if there’s space. Our current bathroom has a bath with a shower over it, which means you have to constantly clean the bath. Me and Jay rarely have baths, so it would be much easier to just clean the shower, and do the bath as and when we use it. I’m just lazy basically.


Family bathroom - future bathroom plans. Bath with kids' toys

Photo credit: Well I Guess This Is Growing Up (family bathroom)


So those are our future bathroom plans. As you can see, I’ve thought this through properly. Whether all of these things are affordable, well we’ll find out I guess.

Designing my Dream Bathroom

Those of you who might have read this post will know that I have big plans for my next bathrooms (yes, plural). I have some very specific bathroom needs, and would love to be able to make the most of them in our next house.

That’s why I’m bringing you this post: Designing my Dream Bathroom.



No bathroom can be complete without a bath. I’d love a large freestanding, Victorian style tub with the big metal claw feet. There’s something so elegant about them somehow, and very regal.

They do depend on space and your ability to get in and out of one. Me and Jay are planning to live in our next house forever. At least 30 or 40 years probably. As we get older, we might regret the decision for a freestanding tub. Walk-in baths are always another option as you get older.


Copper bath on stand with curtains


Patterned floor tiles

I’m obsessed at the moment with Victorian-style floor tiles. I love the old-fashioned looking ones, as well as the modern look patterns. I’d love something like these to add some pattern and vibrancy to the room.


modern Victorian patterned floor tiles - designing my dream bathroom

Photo credit: Topps Tiles, Thornbury tile


His and Hers Sinks

I’d love to have these. A sink for me and a sink for Jay. No arguing, or leaning over each other to brush your teeth. And you know if the sink is dirty, you can only blame yourself, meaning way less arguments!

I’d love to have them built into a large unit with storage space underneath. One thing I always find is that bathrooms lack sufficient storage space. Which is ridiculous when you think how many bathroom products we women have. You also have to store bathroom cleaning products, spare toilet rolls, etc. And that doesn’t even cover our decor including candles, and plants. Bathrooms definitely need more surfaces, and a unit is a way to add this in efficiently.


Luxury towels and shelving

Because of the way our bathroom is designed, there’s no room for any shelving. Other than squeezing it in above the toilet. I’d love some shelving to add fresh towels to (that are obviously just to look at). Bathrooms can be so harsh with their cold tiles, cold flooring, and white suites. It’s not common to put soft furnishings in a bathrooms. Curtains would get damp, a rug would get ruined/smelly and towels get used.

One way of dealing with this is to add towels rolled up on shelves that are for decorative purposes only. Shelving is also an extra way to get some bathroom plants in. They’re excellent for absorbing moisture and freshening up the room.


new towels wrapped up


High ceilings and plenty of light

The other thing bathrooms are known for is being dark and dingy. This is because they tend to be one of the smallest rooms in the house. I’d love a bathroom that had a large window to let plenty of light in (as well as some large blinds so people can’t see us showering) and a room with high ceilings. Lots of women choose to get ready in the bathroom and it’s not ideal if it’s a dark, small room.


So that’s what I would want in my dream bathroom. Would you add anything to the list?

Bathroom Style Inspiration for your Home

Fed up of your bathroom? Get some bathroom style inspiration for your home.

A bathroom is a place we want to chill out in at the end of a long day. Whether you’re a morning shower-er, or an evening bather, the bathroom is supposed to be a sanctuary. You don’t want to be looking at peeling sealant, mouldy tiles or a dripping tap.

But if you’ve made the decision to do something about it, you might now be wondering how to freshen up your bathroom and what style to take. These bathroom style inspiration ideas should help you pick a theme and create it in your own home.


Spa Bathroom

The idea of a spa bathroom is to make you feel like you’re on a luxury retreat in some far away manor house. We can all dream right?

Achieve this look by upgrading your taps. This isn’t an expensive or difficult job, but will transform the look of your bathroom suite. You can choose waterfall taps for a luxury feel without spending tonnes of money.


bathroom style inspiration: cream tiles with white bath and waterfall taps


You should also choose lots of warming colours such as creams and browns. Lighten the room using white towels as accessories on towel rails. You can also add built-in speakers to your shower to play relaxing music whilst you unwind in a bubble bath.


Oriental Bathrooms

Create a Japanese-style luxury bathroom to feel like you’ve left the UK and arrived in some other far away country. The Japanese love their bathrooms. They tend to have separate ‘rooms’ for the toilet, bath, and dressing room. Okay, so some of us don’t have all the space in the world to achieve that. But there are other ways of creating this style.

Use plenty of dark woods to warm the room up. If you’re scared of using lots of dark materials, use accessories to break the monotony up such as light towels and plenty of greenery or plants. Plants are essential when creating a Oriental bathroom. Use bamboo that goes from floor to ceiling as decor.

If you have room for it, elevate your bath. This is traditional in Japan.

Oriental-style bathroom with raised bath

Scandinavian Bathroom

Scandinavian decor is something that we’ve seen a lot of the last few years, and it shows no signs of disappearing. The Scandinavians are all about minimalist design and creating the feeling of space. Achieve this by using natural, light woods such as birch, and avoiding heavy or large furniture.

Their fixtures are usually hung on the wall as this creates the illusion of more floor space than there actually is.


hanging bathroom units, Scandinavian style bathroom


Look out for the new Scandinavian bathroom range being released by iflo this May! Their ranges are modern, beautiful and sleek.


Rustic Style Bathroom

I love rustic, cottage style bathrooms. Achieve this look by investing in a brass, free standing bath (believe me, this really should be seen as an investment; they’ll last for years!). Pair plenty of natural metals like brass with wood and stone.

You can also upcycle old units to create stunning sink units or bathroom cupboards. This is much cheaper than buying a new sink unit, though may take you some time to finish.

If you have exposed beams, make the most of them!


Fancy bath taps with wooden beams and wooden ladder on the wall behind.


Which of these bathroom style inspiration ideas would you choose for your new bathroom? Or would you go for something else entirely?


*Collaborative post.