How to get rid of dry eyes

Get rid of dry eyes with these tips and solutions. Dry eyes is a problem that I suffered with whilst wearing contact lenses, and now have as a side effect of having laser eye surgery. I was warned that there was a 2% chance of having dry eyes for two years after the surgery. One year and two months later, I’m still suffering. This means…

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What is Decor Rotation and Should You Do It?

Humans don’t really like change, but decor rotation is absolutely something we should do in our homes. I’m a really fussy person, but when I do find the PERFECT thing, I won’t get bored of it. That perfect item could easily stay for 10+ years. I know other people aren’t like that and change their mind every other day. No matter what sort of person…

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3 Ways To Add Contemporary Styling Around The Home

Add contemporary styling to your home with these helpful tips! When it comes to home decor, you’ll often find that you have a very distinct taste. You’ll find yourself drawn to certain things for a reason. Sometimes, your home style will be very you. It’s something that your friends and family can instantly visualise when they picture what your home would look like. This is…

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Monochrome Kitchens and Bathrooms

Monochrome kitchens and bathrooms have a classic, modern finish, and is a trend that won’t disappear anytime soon. The kitchen is the area people spend most time in. It’s a place for cooking, eating, socialising. It truly is the heart of the house. But sometimes, we don’t recognise when it needs an update. Maybe the paint on the ceiling has started to peel, or the…

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Luxury Living: One Effective Change Per Room

Home is always going to be important, but a touch of luxury can just make everything that little more special. Of course, “luxury” inevitably tends to mean “expensive”, and many of us just don’t have the room in our personal budget for luxurious home decor and design. Or at least, we don’t have the budget to make an entire room luxurious. If this is the…

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