Trying to Add Modern Interiors to your Home?

There are many reasons why you might want to add modern interiors to your home.

Your intentions don’t matter. What really matters are the steps you take. It can be hard to know where to start when you want to turn a traditional home style into something a bit more modern and elegant. If you’re wondering what you need to do to add modern interiors, read on to find out for yourself.


Ditch the Frills and Flair

You should start off by ditching any of the frills and flair that are found in your home. If these touches were put in place decades ago, they will certainly look very dated and out of context now.

Modern designs tend to be clean, and blocks of colour rather than patterns are used more often than not.


Replace Your Tired Old Sofa and Armchair

The seating arrangements you have in place in your living room need to be dealt with if you want a more modern home.

Old sofas stand out like sore thumbs in your home, and your living space will never look modern if you get these things wrong. So, replace your old sofa with something like modern fabric recliner sofas. You should also change your old armchair, even if you like the comfort it offers.


Hang Contemporary Art on the Walls

Art can play an important role in your home. If you don’t have any modern and contemporary art, you’re definitely missing out on something important.

It’s a shortcut that you should definitely be taking advantage of right now. Find modern art that you like and feel is in keeping with the rest of your room’s design. When you do that, your home will feel more vibrant and alive.


Add More Colour

There definitely needs to be more colour in your rooms if you want the home to feel up to date. If you look at your room and see mostly brown, then that’s a problem. Your home will immediately feel more modern when it has a splash of colour. You don’t even have to paint the walls to make this happen either. Instead, you can choose a statement piece of furniture that has a bright and vibrant colour.


Use Open Storage Units

The way in which you store things in your home is one of the things that matters a lot when you’re trying to make your home seem more modern. Old cabinets and storage units can easily feel dated if they’ve been in place for a long time.

For a more modern and ultimately timeless feel, you should opt for open storage units. These are often simple shelves that have very clean structures. Everything is then out in the open, making it seem more relaxed too.


Add modern interiors to your home by using my five top tips!


Tools to Home Make DIY Easier

For a lot of people, DIY isn’t a passion which fills them with joy and satisfaction, but you can make DIY easier.

Instead, this sort of work is done out of necessity, as you want to save money around your home. But it isn’t always easy.

In a lot of cases, barriers will be presented to you, and you won’t have a way to overcome them. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best tools out there to make DIY easier.


  • Cutting


One of the hardest jobs a novice DIYer will have to undertake is cutting. Unlike paper or other thin materials, wood and metal aren’t a simple matter of using scissors. Instead, you will need a saw, but you have to choose the right one.

For most jobs, a mitre saw will be enough to make all of the cuts you need. Along with this, you should also consider the idea of a cheap circular saw to help you out, too.


  • Measuring


Before you can make a cut, it’s always good to make sure that you’ve measured it twice. However, with all the modern tools on the market, you don’t really need to go to this effort.

Laser measuring tools have become very reliable over the last few years and make DIY easier. Offering unparalleled accuracy, this sort of tool is perfect for anyone who struggles to measure the right lines.


  • Joining


Once you’ve measured and made the cuts of the material you need, it’s time to start putting things together. For wood, one of the best ways to do this is using a nail gun. This sort of tool is perfectly safe if you use it correctly. You have to be careful, though. This sort of tool can often damage softer woods. Along with this, nails aren’t always the most attractive option, anyway.

To solve this issue, glue is here to save the day, and you have loads of examples to choose from. Spray adhesives have come a long way over the last few years, with a lot of companies offering options which can dry within minutes, giving you years of strong hold. We put brackets on our mantelpiece to hold our oak beam, but then glued the beam to the wall. Worked perfectly and saved using any nails to mount it!

This sort of material won’t always be appropriate for the job you’re doing. So, it’s always worth doing some research to make sure you’re getting the right glue for your project.


  • Painting


Finally, it’s time to think about one of the biggest jobs a DIYer will ever have to do; painting.

In a lot of cases, this work will take up a huge amount of your project time, and can be very hard to get right. To help you with this, there are loads of modern paint systems out there which take this work out of your hands. They dispense the paint for you at an even rate; it’s never been easier to give your walls a perfect coat.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start taking on some bigger projects, while also making them a lot easier for yourself. A lot of people will be daunted by a job they think they can’t do. Make DIY easier by finding some kind of tool to help you, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


How To Disaster-Proof Your Wedding

Weddings are expensive occasions that require lots of planning.

Nobody wants their wedding to be ruined by an unforeseen disaster resulting in a last minute cancellation. Here’s how you can disaster-proof your wedding and prevent wedding bells from turning into alarm bells.


Plan ahead

Some disasters can be down to our own forgetfulness. Thoroughly planning everything in advance can prevent important details from being missed. Create a checklist and aim to have everything on it ticked off a few weeks before the wedding.

You don’t want to be scrambling around last minute for a make-up artist or a wedding photographer only to find they’re all fully booked up. Make sure you’re inviting guests at least six months before the event and ring around to confirm who can make it. This will ensure that all the important people are able to make your special day.


Prepare for all weathers

If you’ve got an outdoor wedding planned, it’s worth having an emergency backup plan in case of bad weather. This could be something as simple as having the ceremony under a marquee. This way, if the heavens do open, everyone will be sheltered. Companies such as specialise in these marquees and could give you a wide range to choose from. You may even want to buy some windbreaks in case of blustery weather.

A heatwave can also have unexpected results. The first most common disaster is frizzy hair. It could be worth packing some anti-frizz hairspray or asking your beautician to provide some, so that aren’t reminded of your messy hair in photos for years to come.

Another thing to watch out for is insects, especially around the cake on a hot day. Nobody wants fly eggs in their wedding cake.

As for your wedding vehicle, if you’re opting for an open-top car, make sure the roof can easily be put on in the event of a shower – too many brides can be caught out by this. At the very least, bring an umbrella.


wedding cookie with bride and groom figurines

Get insured

Just as you may take out holiday insurance when going on vacation, it’s worth taking out wedding insurance.

You can find such schemes at sites such as Wedding insurance may be able to protect against cancellation and rearrangement but only in certain circumstances such as when the bride or groom is ill or when catering services don’t turn up. Always read into insurance schemes to see exactly what is covered.

It isn’t expensive — mine was £50 — and it covers against any suppliers that don’t turn up, or even if your cake arrives damaged, etc.


Use a wedding planner

Disaster-proof your wedding by hiring a wedding planner. A wedding planner can take a lot of the stress out of organising your day such as arranging catering services, hiring a photographer and decorating the venue. This could prevent you forgetting important aspects of your wedding.

Some wedding planners may also be able to find last minute replacements if a wedding DJ or photographer doesn’t turn up. This could save you phoning around on the day — something no-one should have to do on their wedding.

Wedding planners do cost a fair amount of money. Shop around for a wedding planner that doesn’t charge a fortune and read reviews and testimonials to ensure you get a reliable and experienced one.


There are some problems that will be out of your control, but do what you can. Disaster-proof your wedding as much as possible, so if anything does go wrong, you’re prepared. You don’t want to regret any part of your day, so take these measures to ensure your day goes perfectly!

Can Curb Appeal Improve House Value?

The new home-improvement trend that has been popping up everywhere has been this idea of curb-appeal, but does curb appeal improve house value?

But what exactly does that mean?

It’s the way that your house looks to outsiders. Does your house look as attractive on the outside as it does on the inside? When decorating, most people focus on the jobs that need doing to the rooms in the house, and maintenance that needs to be done in there as well.

But where having a new kitchen will help you sell your house or attract tenants, if the outside doesn’t match, then they could as easily be put off. So, does curb appeal improve house value or does it not make a difference?



can garage improve curb appeal of a house?

The garage is usually the family dumping ground, but it can easily be organised into storage, a workshop or a whole host of other things.

It can also need some outside TLC. Does the door need a lick of paint? Perhaps it needs replacing altogether. Garage doors can come with a large price tag, but they also tend to come with a lengthy warranty too. Shop around and invest in something that is practical and looks good.

Ours is starting to fall apart and the paint is peeling off the front. We’re investing in a brand new one that should make the garage look a lot more attractive too.



Is it littered with weeds? Has it been the same cracked concrete since the 80s? On a practical level, having a well-tended and level driveway will help you save money on the wear and tear of your car.

A resin driveway can keep things level and easy to care for. No weed will be popping its head through it, and no cracks are going to appear. It’s worth having a look around and finding the right choice for you.

Resin is at the top of my list when we redo the drive! It’s so practical and looks lovely.



curb appeal improve house value?

Stand back and have a good look at the front of your house as if you’re looking at it for the first time. Is it in need of a paint job?

Classic brick houses tends to not need painting, but any gutters, wooden edges and window frames may still need a brush or two. And if you have a house that needs an allover facelift then look into hiring someone to do it for you. That way you know the materials will be the right ones for the job, and that no mistakes are going to be made.



If you’re blessed with a front garden, then care for it. When we bought our house, our garden was so overgrown, but we saw past that and the potential that it had. 

Keep the grass trimmed, weeds pulled and flowers pruned. Maintaining a garden is only as complicated as you want to make it. You can plant low-maintenance plants. Encourage ladybirds and bees so your garden will flourish on its own.

tidy garden improves curb appeal and house value


While you’re painting your house, check out your gutters. Are they clogged? With autumn in full swing, chances are that piles of leaves have gathered.

Clear them out in a safe and kind manner. There are some who use jet washers to blast the gunk out of the gutters. Be careful with this method as birds often make nests in these cosy areas.

Proceed with caution and if you do find a nest that you need to remove, call your local wildlife charity who will advise you on how best to handle the situation.

When we come to sell our house in a few years’ time, the bit I’ll be looking at most importantly is the exterior. I believe curb appeal can improve house value and is the first thing potential buyers will see. So get rid of those weeds ASAP!