What Reading Meant to me as a Child

When I was a kid, the weekly visit to the library on a Saturday was amazing, because I absolutely loved reading.

I was allowed to pick three books every week and could just take them home with me! Of course, they always had to be returned, but the library visit truly felt like a magical experience.

I would love to be able to do the same with my children. Local libraries are so important, and I try to support mine whenever I can. Not really for me, but for my children. I’d love to be able to take them to Story Time, or Rhythm and Rhyme, so they can learn in a fun environment that isn’t school.

This library trip wasn’t complete without a trip to the shop for sweeties! I have such fond memories as a child of going from the library with an armful of shiny new books (to me, anyway) to the shop to get £1 worth of sweets. This was a lot back then. Nowadays it would get you 1 and a half chocolate bars. Back then, it would get me 2 drumsticks, 3 flumps, a Taz, 2 boxes of candy sticks, a big bar of Cadbury’s chocolate and the infamous Dip Dab.

Then we would all trek back home with armfuls of sweets and books — is there anything better? — and read and eat all afternoon. Wasn’t childhood the best life!

I was always reading as a child, which is odd because my parents aren’t big readers. However, they always made sure we had a bath and a story as part of our bedtime routine. There came a time when I started reading a bedtime story to my younger brother.

Even now, I have to read at least a few pages before bed. It relaxes my mind, and prepares me for going to sleep. I’m sure it’s because it is always something I’ve done.

To reminisce and feel true nostalgia, I’ve listed some of my favourite children’s books from when I was a child.

My Favourite Childhood Books

1. Rainbow Fish


2. Goosebumps

Children's reading

3. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

4. Winnie the Witch

5. The Enormous Crocodile


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