Garden Plans for Spring 2019

Me and Jay have been slowly renovating our house for over a year, but here are our garden plans.

When me and Jay bought our house, we couldn’t afford to do everything all at once. And even the work we did, we had to be careful with our money. We bought our kitchen on eBay, and did most of the work ourselves. It took us six months to renovate the bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room.

Once these renovations were done, we were able to move in. But every time I look outside, I hate it. I hate our drive, I hate the look of our house from the outside and I particularly hate our back garden.


What It Looked Like a Year Ago

Whilst we were renovating, there were some jobs I couldn’t do. Or some jobs that couldn’t be done, because something else needed to be done by Jay first. One day, I’d turned up at the house ready to get stuck into something (I can’t remember what), only it couldn’t be done because Jay wasn’t ready for me. It might have been painting or something.

ANYWAY, it was a lovely sunny weekend day, so I thought I’d tackle the garden. It was pretty overgrown when we first moved in:


Overgrown garden with garage - garden plans are in place to transform it.


The carport makes the kitchen extremely dark, and those bushes on the left had grown about 3 feet into the patio space.

So after just one day it transformed from this:

Full view of garden from front to back, all overgrown and weeds.

Overgrown bush cutting into patio space


What It Looks Like Now

…to this!


Severely cut back tree to show patio underneath


Much better, but still no where near how we want it.


So what are our garden plans for the future?

First, we want to add wooden slats to the brick walls. This will make the wall look like a fence, and I think it’ll soften the whole garden. At the minute, the walls look crumbly, and they need painting, so this would fix that issue.

We also want to take the carport down as part of our garden plans. It’s been so useful. You can put anything under it and it won’t get wet.

Our postmen often leave parcels at the back of the house, and I know they’ll be safe under there. But it sucks light out of our kitchen diner. So the carport will be coming down.

We want to render the outside of the garage to soften it. It’s a big part of why we bought the house. Jay uses it as a workshop for spare cars, or projects we have going on. He loves it. We’ve considered knocking it down and rebuilding a single garage instead, but it’ll cost too much money.

So the plan is to keep it as it is, but render the outside of it. We’ll also replace the double garage door with a single one. Then a separate side door will be added for people to get in and out of.

We’ve had a quote off a company to come in and flatten all the raised borders. They’re all crumbling and falling down, so need to be replaced. This company will level all of the ground so we’ll be starting from scratch. Then we will keep everything paved so there’s no grass to mow, and plants will be in pots. We’re basically trying to make the garden look as big as it possibly can look.

Finally, the top of the garden will be a great place for a seating area. We want to invest in some rattan furniture from somewhere like Fishpools and get a chiminea or fire pit so we can sit out on summer nights.

We’re saving money so in spring 2019 we can do the front and back together. It’ll cost between £6-8k, but so worth it, and will add SO much curb appeal to the house when we come to sell it. I hate our garden at the moment, and couldn’t imagine spending any time out there which is such a shame. Fingers crossed by next summer we’ll be able to sit out there again!




Can Curb Appeal Improve House Value?

The new home-improvement trend that has been popping up everywhere has been this idea of curb-appeal, but does curb appeal improve house value?

But what exactly does that mean?

It’s the way that your house looks to outsiders. Does your house look as attractive on the outside as it does on the inside? When decorating, most people focus on the jobs that need doing to the rooms in the house, and maintenance that needs to be done in there as well.

But where having a new kitchen will help you sell your house or attract tenants, if the outside doesn’t match, then they could as easily be put off. So, does curb appeal improve house value or does it not make a difference?



can garage improve curb appeal of a house?

The garage is usually the family dumping ground, but it can easily be organised into storage, a workshop or a whole host of other things.

It can also need some outside TLC. Does the door need a lick of paint? Perhaps it needs replacing altogether. Garage doors can come with a large price tag, but they also tend to come with a lengthy warranty too. Shop around and invest in something that is practical and looks good.

Ours is starting to fall apart and the paint is peeling off the front. We’re investing in a brand new one that should make the garage look a lot more attractive too.



Is it littered with weeds? Has it been the same cracked concrete since the 80s? On a practical level, having a well-tended and level driveway will help you save money on the wear and tear of your car.

A resin driveway can keep things level and easy to care for. No weed will be popping its head through it, and no cracks are going to appear. It’s worth having a look around and finding the right choice for you.

Resin is at the top of my list when we redo the drive! It’s so practical and looks lovely.



curb appeal improve house value?

Stand back and have a good look at the front of your house as if you’re looking at it for the first time. Is it in need of a paint job?

Classic brick houses tends to not need painting, but any gutters, wooden edges and window frames may still need a brush or two. And if you have a house that needs an allover facelift then look into hiring someone to do it for you. That way you know the materials will be the right ones for the job, and that no mistakes are going to be made.



If you’re blessed with a front garden, then care for it. When we bought our house, our garden was so overgrown, but we saw past that and the potential that it had. 

Keep the grass trimmed, weeds pulled and flowers pruned. Maintaining a garden is only as complicated as you want to make it. You can plant low-maintenance plants. Encourage ladybirds and bees so your garden will flourish on its own.

tidy garden improves curb appeal and house value


While you’re painting your house, check out your gutters. Are they clogged? With autumn in full swing, chances are that piles of leaves have gathered.

Clear them out in a safe and kind manner. There are some who use jet washers to blast the gunk out of the gutters. Be careful with this method as birds often make nests in these cosy areas.

Proceed with caution and if you do find a nest that you need to remove, call your local wildlife charity who will advise you on how best to handle the situation.

When we come to sell our house in a few years’ time, the bit I’ll be looking at most importantly is the exterior. I believe curb appeal can improve house value and is the first thing potential buyers will see. So get rid of those weeds ASAP!