Designing my Dream Bathroom

Those of you who might have read this post will know that I have big plans for my next bathrooms (yes, plural). I have some very specific bathroom needs, and would love to be able to make the most of them in our next house.

That’s why I’m bringing you this post: Designing my Dream Bathroom.



No bathroom can be complete without a bath. I’d love a large freestanding, Victorian style tub with the big metal claw feet. There’s something so elegant about them somehow, and very regal.

They do depend on space and your ability to get in and out of one. Me and Jay are planning to live in our next house forever. At least 30 or 40 years probably. As we get older, we might regret the decision for a freestanding tub. Walk-in baths are always another option as you get older.


Copper bath on stand with curtains


Patterned floor tiles

I’m obsessed at the moment with Victorian-style floor tiles. I love the old-fashioned looking ones, as well as the modern look patterns. I’d love something like these to add some pattern and vibrancy to the room.


modern Victorian patterned floor tiles - designing my dream bathroom

Photo credit: Topps Tiles, Thornbury tile


His and Hers Sinks

I’d love to have these. A sink for me and a sink for Jay. No arguing, or leaning over each other to brush your teeth. And you know if the sink is dirty, you can only blame yourself, meaning way less arguments!

I’d love to have them built into a large unit with storage space underneath. One thing I always find is that bathrooms lack sufficient storage space. Which is ridiculous when you think how many bathroom products we women have. You also have to store bathroom cleaning products, spare toilet rolls, etc. And that doesn’t even cover our decor including candles, and plants. Bathrooms definitely need more surfaces, and a unit is a way to add this in efficiently.


Luxury towels and shelving

Because of the way our bathroom is designed, there’s no room for any shelving. Other than squeezing it in above the toilet. I’d love some shelving to add fresh towels to (that are obviously just to look at). Bathrooms can be so harsh with their cold tiles, cold flooring, and white suites. It’s not common to put soft furnishings in a bathrooms. Curtains would get damp, a rug would get ruined/smelly and towels get used.

One way of dealing with this is to add towels rolled up on shelves that are for decorative purposes only. Shelving is also an extra way to get some bathroom plants in. They’re excellent for absorbing moisture and freshening up the room.


new towels wrapped up


High ceilings and plenty of light

The other thing bathrooms are known for is being dark and dingy. This is because they tend to be one of the smallest rooms in the house. I’d love a bathroom that had a large window to let plenty of light in (as well as some large blinds so people can’t see us showering) and a room with high ceilings. Lots of women choose to get ready in the bathroom and it’s not ideal if it’s a dark, small room.


So that’s what I would want in my dream bathroom. Would you add anything to the list?

How to Create a Bathroom of Dreams

Create the bathroom of dreams with these small changes.

When it comes to your home, there are two rooms in the house that would be classed as the “big ticket” rooms when it comes to adding value to your home. One is the kitchen, because it is the hub of the home, and the other is the bathroom.

It might be less obvious, but more people look at the bathroom over other rooms in the home when it comes to buying. This is because it’s the room that might be costly to replace. It can also be a place to relax and unwind after a hard day. Therefore, how it looks can be a way of appealing to you and your family but also for the future when it comes to selling. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you could create the bathroom of dreams.


Install a new bathroom suite

One of the biggest changes that you can make is installing a brand new bathroom suite. Of course, it can also be one of the most expensive ways to do it as well. I guess it would all depend on the condition and look of your existing bathroom suite.

Ask yourself how much of a change this would make. If you already have a white bathroom suite, replacing it might not be an option. Instead look at redoing the grouting and sealant, replacing taps and other fixtures. You’d be amazed how much this can transform a bath.

If it does need replacing, then make sure you enlist the help of professionals like Abbots Plumbing and Heating to help install it properly. With all the complication of pipes and the type of bathroom you are installing, it is always advisable to have an expert fit it for you.


Make subtle changes with colour

If you have a white suite, try adding splashes of colour in the accessories. You could consider adding different colours into the room to make it feel freshened up. A theme or colour change can make a big difference to your bathroom suite.

It might be something as simple as coloured towels and accessories, or you might want to add a colour to the walls if you have that opportunity to do so. Other things to consider would be pictures on the wall, especially if they are water related like holiday snaps at the beach or in the pool.


Create the spa-like experience on a budget

A bathroom is often a place where you can relax and unwind. A bathroom of dreams needs a spa like feel. Water can really help soothe your mind. Many people enjoy sitting in the bath and allowing the water to calm your senses. But you could take things one step further and create a spa like experience in your own bathroom.

Consider things like candles, even scented specifically with relaxing oils, and some spa like music There are applications you can download on your phone to help you recreate the atmosphere. Lower the lighting, and incorporate greenery. You could even invest in a new robe and towels just for the occasion.


Change one big thing

Finally, if you want to make a change but can’t afford the expense of a new bathroom then making just one change could be the way forward. Maybe the flooring or the tiles. It would add just enough of a change to make a bathroom feel brand new.


I hope that these tips help you to create your bathroom of dreams.