How to Visualise your Interiors in 6 Steps

Something I’ve always struggled with is visualising interiors. How will that rug look on that floor? How will that chair look in that corner? Will this cushion go with the chair? How can you know these things without carrying your chair around John Lewis Home to match it to the perfect cushion? Visualising is something I find difficult. I also don’t like making risky choices…

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DIY Project: Upcycling a Cabinet

I’ve never ‘upcycled’ anything before, until now! Upcycling a cabinet was fun and challenging, and here’s how we managed it. Nearly a year and a half ago, we bought this pine corner cabinet for just £40 from a lady who was clearing out her mum’s house. It was such a great bargain, and fits in that corner so perfectly (thank goodness, we didn’t measure it).…

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Blue and Pink Bedroom Inspiration

So I’ve already written a post about master bedroom inspiration, but as always, I’ve changed my mind about what I want. Last time, I wanted dark green walls (which is still an option). Recently, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about navy blue and blush pink. But when I told hubby this last night, he was not convinced. He looked at me like I…

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Interior Design for a Peaceful Bedroom

Craving the peaceful bedroom you’ve always wanted? Here’s how you can achieve it. Me and Jay are planning our next big room renovation: the master bedroom. I’ve got so many ideas about how I want the finished space to look, but I’ve been deciphering how to achieve the ultimate peaceful bedroom. It’s something we all want: an uncluttered, child-free space where we can enjoy a…

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Home Improvements I’m Dying to Make

Those of you that regularly read my blog will know we renovated our entire house exactly one year ago. Home improvements aren’t easy, but this house absolutely needed it. Luckily, we came out the other side and absolutely adore our house (you can check out my home decor Instagram for plenty of updates on how the house looks now). There are some home improvements that I…

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