Home Improvements: DIY Or Call In The Pros?

Now that we’ve entered into a new year, one of the things that’s going to be pretty high on a lot of people’s list of priorities is home improvements.

Whether they want to sell their home or simply use the space they have more effectively, the new year often gets people thinking about the things they could do in order to get a little bit more out of their home.

And when people start to think about this, there’s one question that comes to mind above pretty much all others: do you deal with it yourself or do you bring in a professional? Here are a few things that you can consider in order to make that decision just a little bit easier.



Money is almost always the biggest factor that people consider when deciding if they can handle a home improvement project themselves. Let’s face it, most large-scale home improvement projects are going to end up being pretty pricey when you consider the labour costs involved.

However, doing it yourself may not work out that much cheaper since you’re going to end up having to pay for all of the materials yourself, as well as pay for any tools that you might need but don’t have. At least with builders, you’re going to know what you’re paying right at the start rather than having your budget spiral way out of control.



The other important issue is one of exactly how long a project is going to take. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to spend their days on a building site for months on end.

If you try to deal with the project yourself, then it could end up taking a long time whereas professionals are more likely to get things done more quickly.

Then again, if time isn’t really an issue for you, then you might decide that the DIY approach is better.



The reality is that professional builders are almost always going to have greater expertise than any amateur and when it comes to your home you might decide that you don’t want to take the risk of making mistakes.

If you do decide to go the DIY route then there are plenty of resources out there that you can use. There’s information online about practically everything, and no matter what your project calls for, you’ll be able to find some way to learn about it. Just remember that knowing how to do something and actually being able to put it into practice aren’t always the same things.


You can’t often get all of these three things together. Someone who has good expertise might be quick, and will do a good job but won’t come cheap. You can set a low budget, but the job might take much longer, especially if you’re doing a lot yourself. Think about what your biggest priority is. If you want the job done quickly, you may end up paying more.

There are going to be those who know exactly what they’re doing and can handle any project, no matter how big it is, and there are others who have so little DIY expertise that they will want to call in a professional no matter what.

Most of us exist somewhere in the middle and having these things to think about can make the decision of whether or not to bring in a professional or to handle it yourself that much simpler.


5 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

When it comes to redesigning rooms, the kitchen is often the space that people choose to change first.

A modern kitchen is right at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists, but there are a few kitchen design mistakes that people make. In this post, we will look more closely at some of the top mistakes so you can avoid repeating them and end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

Poor Layout

The kitchen should be a room that you can glide around with ease, but many people don’t think about positioning their items for maximum convenience. Many kitchen designers believe in the ‘triangle effect’, that is, your kitchen sink, oven and food preparation area need to form a triangle shape. Think carefully about the positioning of them for maximum usability. 

If you decide to have an island in the centre of the room, don’t let it block off lots of space. Essentially, you want your redesigned kitchen to make your life easier, not harder.


white and wooden kitchen with lots of light and greenery

Not Enough Ventilation and Disposal Means

Your kitchen needs to be properly ventilated so you can get rid of the fumes, smoke and grease generated by cooking. A lot of systems tend to not have enough power, or they recirculate the air rather than completely remove it. A fully-functioning ventilation system is a must in your kitchen redesign.

As well as this, you should think about the drainage. You may need to get your drains fixed because of a blocked sink or the lack of a disposal unit. If you can prevent potential problems before they happen, then you’re putting yourself in a good position.

Inadequate Storage

Not having enough storage is one of the biggest kitchen design mistakes. Having enough storage is hugely important in creating a kitchen environment that appears clear and clutter-free. There are plenty of ways that you can tackle these storage issues including adding roll-out trays, drawer organisers, and pot racks, to name a few.

If there are items that don’t fit into your regular meal preparation, you may benefit from storing these in another room of the house.


kitchen worktop and lighting - kitchen design mistakes

Narrow Work Aisles

Returning to the issue of kitchens having a bad flow or layout, you want to ensure the aisles are easy to navigate. If you’re thinking of installing a kitchen island, make sure you have plenty of space around the island. Though this particular design trend may be in vogue at the moment, if you simply don’t have enough space, there is no point putting one in. It will make the kitchen look smaller and crammed.

Lack of Lighting

You want the kitchen lighting to be adequate, especially in the key food preparation areas. If you are looking to create an overall illumination effect, you can do this by installing some carefully-spaced recessed lights. Another potential option is task lighting under wall cabinets. You should also think about some overhead lighting too. The style really depends on what sort of overall effect you are going for in the room.


white kitchen with black worktops and downlights


Sometimes, good home design is based on what not to do, so these top kitchen design mistakes will give you something to consider.