Makeover Your Roof for Winter

The roof is the most integral part of any home. It is what provides us with warmth, protection and stops us from experiencing the elements outside.

Our roof is the most important part of the home to keep maintained. Eventually you may find that you want to update the roof of your home to make it more secure. Before your choose to undergo roof maintenance, make sure you take in the following tips.


Do your research

Make sure you really take the time to look around when you are trying to find the builders for roof maintenance. Many people make the mistake of choosing a roofer solely on the price point, but actually this isn’t always an accurate measure of competence.

Ask around your family and friends for who they would recommend. Try visiting sites such as certainteed to see if your builder has got a good reputation in the field.

Strip It

You’ll have to have the old roof taken down and stripped ready for a new one to be installed. The big advantage about having your roof stripped ready for the builder to come in is that they will be able to install different layers of installation to protect your home from harsh weather conditions as well as stop damp getting into the house.

If you have the original wood shingles up in the attic you will need to get on some steel trestles and get those removed too to make way for the new roof. It is at this point you may decide that you want a roof window.

Good Quality

The roof isn’t like other parts of your home. You will only need to replace the roof every decade or maybe even less depending on how well they last. This is why it is crucial that you save your money and really fork out for the best quality roof. It isn’t a job that you want to be redone any time soon so make sure it doesn’t have to be. You can even buy 50-year-shingles if you can afford it.

Read The Small Print

Roofing requires a lot of different paperwork. This is most likely because it is an incredibly crucial part of the home. Everything needs to be planned well in advance and needs to be of the highest standards.

You will likely need a building permit if you have work going on outside the home, a contract between you and the builders to make sure you get the best deal and you understand the terms. This is what you need to take the time to read over to make sure that you are 100% happy before going ahead with the work.

Make Sure They Clean Up

Whatever you do, don’t pay the roofers until they clear up the nails they have stripped from your roof. As they strip the old shingles, up to 10,000 nails can come with it and scatter around your garden. This can be dangerous for your children and animals if they don’t get picked up.


Roof maintenance is the key to a healthy home. If you maintain it properly, it won’t need replacing as often. It’s a job best for the summer so that you’re prepared as we move into the colder months.

Important Home Maintenance Checks You Need to Make

When it comes to home maintenance checks, you need to keep a careful eye on aspects of your home that could deteriorate over time. 

These home maintenance checks includes maintenance of machinery and household appliances. It also includes checking structure, windows and doors, or the central heating system. If you don’t care for these things, they may break or become unsafe, resulting in a large bill.

Luckily, there are checks that you can do regularly to prevent large bills and unnecessary problems. Here is how you can keep an eye on neglected areas of your home.


Windows and doors

Important home maintenance checks include checking your windows for gaps or cracks.

Once or twice a year, take the time to thoroughly inspect your windows and doors. Check for any draughts and cracks that could potentially lead to breakages and replacement before their time is up.

There are steps that you can take to reinforce your windows and doors to make them last as long as possible. This may also save you on your heating bills.

You can get draught excluders for the bottoms of your doors and to surround your windows. You can also get reinforcing screens to cover your windows which will prevent you from having to replace them earlier than needed.



It’s a wise idea to have your boiler checked regularly to avoid being landed with a large bill if it breaks down. Doing this will allow small repairs to be able to be made. You might have to pay for small service checks, but this saves one large cost later on.

Companies like offer boiler replacement, service and guarantee so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Another reason to have your boiler regularly serviced is to ensure that you’re not paying too much for your heating bills. If you know that your boiler is working as it should then you will find the bill will decrease too.

Home radiator and fireplace


Water and electricals

It’s a well known fact that water and electricity don’t mix well. Make sure that you don’t have any leaking pipes or open wiring to keep yourself safe. Also make sure you don’t have large repair bills.

If you know someone that’s got plenty of DIY knowledge, get them to come to your home and take a look at all of your pipes and electricity. They will make that they are intact and not in need of repair. Get any repairs done as soon as possible to make sure that you’re not putting yourself in danger.


Remember that if you find repairs that need doing while doing your home maintenance checks, and you’re not trained to undertake the work, then get a professional in to make sure the job is done to home regulation.


Taking these three steps will ensure that your home is up to scratch. You’ll keep yourself safe, your bank account happy, and you’ll learn to love your home.