Home Office Room Reveal

This home office room reveal has been a loooong time in the making.

I’ve written not one, but two posts before reaching this point. The first outlined my plans for the room (which of course changed), and the second was an update on the renovation. The second post explains why the whole thing was so delayed.

We wanted to have the study finished by the end of January. Now we’re nearly at the end of April! Why do these things take so much longer than you think?

But the point is it’s finished and I’ve been dying to share my new study with you all!


Home Office Room Reveal: The Before

The previous owners of the house obviously had a lot of clothes. They used the third and smallest bedroom as a sort of storage room for their many wardrobes. Obviously, it makes the room look tiny, and is such a waste of space (considering we have a double built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom, and they had a freestanding one in the second bedroom too).


Estate agent home photo - home office room reveal

The wardrobes even partially block the window.

This is how the room looked once we got the keys:


Somehow it looks worse…..two different types of carpet?! Pink stains on the floor?! Peeling wallpaper?!?!??! It’s pretty grim.


Home Office Room Reveal: During

We stripped all the carpet out as we were doing the downstairs renovations. We’d ordered a skip, so it made sense to get rid straight away. We then had spare kitchen flooring left, enough to do this room too. It meant we saved some money, and could get nice flooring down immediately.



We boarded out the ceiling to get rid of the artex, and then Jay skimmed the room.


new plastered study room


We got new skirting boards on, and Jay lined all the walls with lining paper. Then it meant I could crack on painting, and Jay could wallpaper.



Home Office Room Reveal: After







Full home office room with sage green walls and wallpaper


I chose a gorgeous sage green for the walls which I got from Valspar at B&Q. They colour match any colour as long as you have a sample of it. So you could get a colour card from Farrow and Ball, and Valspar will match it. The colour on mine is called Normandy Grey from Little Greene. I’d heard mixed things but the paint went on so well, only needed two coats, and doesn’t smell at all now it’s dried!

Our wallpaper is from Graham and Brown, which is also stocked at B&Q but is currently out of stock.

Thank you also to Cable and Cotton who gifted me the beautiful white LED lights which you can see on top of the bookcase. They’re USB so they plug into extension cables or into phone chargers. And they look so pretty with my newly organised bookcase. I’ve always wanted to organise by colour, but didn’t think I had enough different coloured books. Apparently I do!

We’ve currently got my keyboard living in there (which I’m trying to sell in case anyone is interested) so I haven’t been able to get a shot of the whole finished room without getting the keyboard in! Look out on my Instagram for one soon.


*The LED lights and paint for the room were gifted for the purpose of this post.

Home Office Renovation Ideas (+ Competition!)

Last week, me and Jay decided to actually make a start on our home office renovation, so I wanted to share our home office renovation ideas.

As you can see from the above photo, our office is currently a bit of a mess (and I’ve just realised Jay has been using my lovely John Lewis desk as a workbench and my bookcase as a coaster).

We kept saying we’d get around to renovating it over Christmas, but to be honest, I couldn’t see it happening. But now, it is happening and we made a start this weekend.

The office currently has flooring and that’s it. We’ve got big plans so I wanted to share our home office renovation ideas with you.



The office will be my domain. It houses all my books (all 300 of them) and is the perfect space for me to blog. So naturally, I’ve decided to make it as girly as possible.

I’ve chosen this wallpaper from Graham and Brown:


Graham and Brown Linden wallpaper


I loved the subtle colours and pattern that will (hopefully) make the ceiling look higher thanks to the vertical stripes of the pattern. The room is quite small so I didn’t want wallpaper that was too dark. This one is perfect.

I’ve chosen this colour paint from Farrow and Ball:


Farrow and Ball Middleton Pink


I know…‘millennial pink’… I just love it and really think it will brighten up the room with some needed colour.

You can see how the complete room will look when it’s finished. I love the wallpaper combined with oak. I’ll finish the room off with white and gold accessories and we’ll be done!


Home office renovation ideas. Photo collage of wallpaper, pink paint, oak desk and wooden floor



I hate clutter. It ruins the look of a room and makes a space feel small and cramped. This is why handy storage solutions are an absolute must. www.furniture-work.co.uk have SO many options, from stationary cupboards to glass cupboard to desk-high cupboards.

Some sort of filing cabinet is essential in a home office, as well as somewhere to put folders, stationary, etc.

I love being organised. Everything is in folders and arranged properly. Being able to hide these sorts of folders is even better.

So, these are my home office renovation ideas. I’m sure they’ll change as the project progresses but I’ll be sharing the ‘During’ process, and the final result over January, so keep an eye out!



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*Collaborative post

Design tips that can transform your office

The office area doesn’t have to be boring, however if we’re being honest, a lot of them are.

Unless you work for a unique and fun company, it is tough to find inspiring offices. Most offices are blank from the walls to the interior décor, not to mention the poor level of lighting that most offices possess. The working environment can affect worker productivity as well as the the energy of the employees and visitors, so it’s key to get right.

Taking the room size and style in to consideration is the first step of redesigning an office. The office design represents the company’s ethos and beliefs as well as the field of work they embody. It is also important to note that less can sometimes mean more when it comes to design, as an office with too much equipment can look cluttered.

A business can hire a professional office fitout company to help kit the office out or they can do it themselves. Staying with one design for a long period of time can also be boring, so try to refresh your look as frequently as possible. The following design tips can help you transform your office from boring to straight up exciting.


Adding wall decor

The walls are the most noticeable part of most offices. They can be tedious and dull but by adding some creative wall decor you can help solve that. It could be an original painting, a picture of friends and family, a pet or even a place. Either way wall decor can change a room’s feel and give it life. Adding art can be very stimulating visually and can help to prevent boredom in the workplace.


Adding some textures

Designing the rooms textiles is an excellent place to start when you want to transform your office. If your room looks visually appealing, then you won’t feel like you are in a typical boring office and small items such as throw pillows and throw blankets can give the room a delightful aesthetic. There is no harm in experimenting and changing the design frequently to keep the office fresh, modern and in-trend.


Add some plants

Adding plants to the office space is a good way of bringing the outdoors into your office, something that can work wonders to those who feel like they are confined to the same indoor space for 8 hours a day. Flowers can lift spirit and productivity with research showing that plants can also boost happiness amongst workers. Low maintenance plants such as peace lilies and cactus are sound options.


Bring in some leisure spots

It could be a pool table, table tennis, or even a dart board, it doesn’t matter what it is just as long as you implement a leisure item in to your office. They not only boost morale due to their fun nature, but they also act as great break spots. These items/areas are often seen as relaxing and laid back places where employees can interact with each other and share ideas.


Add plenty of colour

All top office refurbishments involve painting walls with vibrant, brand relevant colours and purchasing furniture with matching colours. By doing this you can transform your office to make it look, and feel lively and classy. Colours are stimulating and can help make employees feel happy in their place of work rather than bored and drained. Colours can send out subliminal messages to people so, with that in mind, make sure to select appropriate colours.


Bulletin Board

Adding a bulletin board is a simple yet great way to spice up the office area. You can add some of your favourite pictures of influential people on to the board such as friends and family or celebrity inspirations. Doing this brings some life to a wall that would ordinarily be boring and plain. Sticking up inspirational quotes and photos can keep you motivated whilst at work.


Bean bags and meeting beds

Bean bags look very cool when placed strategically in different locations. They can be colourful, and they also bring a feeling of relaxation in what is stereo-typically an uptight and serious place. They also come in handy when you need extra seating for busy meetings.

Inspiration For A More Instagram-able Home Office

Do you have an eye for design? Have you been scrolling through your social media feed and are now feeling a little jealous of all the amazing Instagram-able home office spaces on there?

You may have seen my recent post about how to get a Pinterest perfect bedroom. Well how about the perfectly Instagram-able home office? Don’t worry if your home office lacks the style and chicness of the Instagram-able ones that you see all over the internet. You can easily update your space.

The key to successfully creating a beautiful home office space is choosing a range of different elements. What you’ll notice about the office spaces on Instagram is that they tend to be made up of different components. This adds to their charm, and is what makes them so chic and stylish looking.

To help make your home office look a little bit special, below are some ideas taken from how other home offices have been designed.

Choose a theme

pink background with white mouse and keyboard

If you take a look at the most popular Instagram home offices, you’ll notice a trend. Most of the home offices that you will see on Instagram have a theme to them. This could be anything from rose gold and pink to grey and cream.

It doesn’t matter what the theme is, as long as you pick one and stick to it. By adding a theme to your home office, you’ll find that it’s a much prettier and more stylish space.


Keep it clutter free

Instagram-able home office should be kept clutter free

If there is one thing that an Instagram-able home office should be is clutter-free. Not only is clutter unsightly, it is also damaging to the look and feel of the space, which is why it pays to invest in adequate storage space.

The good news is that storage space doesn’t have to be expensive and you can easily create it yourself. It’s just a case of ensuring that you have the right tools, such as a drill and screwdrivers, as well as any power tool accessories from Bryson that you may also need.

There is plenty of inspiration for building DIY storage space online, so you shouldn’t struggle to find ideas that are suitable for the space that you have.


Incorporate quirky wall art

laptop on desk with plant and art

Today, wall art, such as quotes and other pretty motivational pieces, are big business in the interiors industry. You’ll notice that all of the best home office designs on Instagram incorporate some inspirational pieces of art. It is vital that your home office does the same. Pick a couple of pieces of inspirational wall art that you love, and place them around the room. The best places to get these from is sites such as Etsy.


So, there you have it. Everything that you need to know to create a more Instagram-able home office space that is wonderfully unique and personal, as well as somewhere that is smart and stylish.