Using Autumn Inspired Interiors in your Home

I love the chilly weather and being able to wrap up in hundreds of layers, so how can you bring the outside in with these Autumn inspired interiors?

Pumpkin spice-season is returning! Even though the weather is becoming a little drizzly and cold, we still love autumn and the colours it brings. We want to feel warm and cosy in our own homes and, at the same time, appreciate the autumn changes.

So here are a few ways you can spice up your interiors with autumn inspired interiors as the weather declines.

Try Wallpapering

If you have stark, light-coloured walls, it could be time to add in some bright patterns and autumn colours. Orange is always a strong contender here, but so are reds, yellows, blues, burgundies, and greys. You could have different colours on each side of the room, block them up together in a feature wall, or just stick with one if you like the minimalist element of it.

Similarly, going in for a nature theme has some great benefits for both the space and your mental health. Shades of green in varying hues is both calming and warming, and reminds you of the spring and summer. Similarly earthy colours such as deep browns and wooden furniture creates an autumnal feeling inside your house.

It can give you the much needed warmth in both yourself and your house. Colour draws light in, rather than reflects it. This is why white doesn’t work as a warming colour, so avoid it if you can. Of course they’re your rooms to sit in, so be sure to go with what you want!

Build a Conservatory

Conservatories are a great invention. Being outside without actually being outside? It’s glorious! It’s a great investment in terms of extra space, more light, and being a lovely place to sit when we want to enjoy the weather. You can shove an extra fridge at the end of one when you need to prepare for a barbecue, or set up a lovely chair arrangement in the space that would have taken for a lovely afternoon soiree.

wooden conservatory with glass

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to adding on some home improvements, use this find a conservatory website for safety guaranteed, and the strong foundations that you desperately need.

A well-insulated conservatory will keep it nice and toasty in winter, but cool in summer.


Build yourself an area that makes you feel totally at home, in both style and comfort. If you have a bed in the corner, try and get a curtain to drape over the wall overhanging it. It’s cosy and hidden, and the perfect space to get both work and reading done.

autumn inspired interiors with a conservatory

Make your home feel like autumn with these autumn inspired interiors ideas. Plenty of interior trends are in for this autumn season, but you don’t have to have an interior decorator for your house to look the way you want it to. Whatever you plan to do, make sure it’s up to your good standards alone.