UK GIVEAWAY! Win a grey Jacaranda rug!

The wonderful people from Best at Flooring got in touch to say they’d like to run a giveaway on my site to win a Jacaranda rug worth £70.

These rugs are high quality and come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes to suit any room.

Jacaranda rugs are made using eco-friendly methods, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your Jacaranda rug is more environmentally friendly than other rug brands.

Woven with wooden looms that need a human touch or knotted by hand, their rugs are more eco-friendly than other brands. Using pure wool and un-dyed materials where possible, as well as working only with GoodWeave registered suppliers, the company can offer green and ethical products that bring more peace of mind.”

Jacaranda rug in blue

jacaranda rug in grey

Here’s a close up of the rug showing you the quality of the pile.

Get some inspiration from my site on how to style your rug!

A winner will be picked in one month on the 16th February, just use the form below to enter! UK only.

Win a Jacaranda Rug!
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Fireplace Inspiration for your Home

One of the things I regret about our house renovation is our fireplace.

Looking back, it’s so easy to say, I should have done this, that and the other. But realistically we just didn’t have the money at the time. We’ve replaced the whole of the downstairs: all re-plastered, re-wired, repainted, new flooring, new kitchen, everything.

So sometimes, you can’t decide to spend £1000 on a new fireplace. I’d love a real log burner. There’s nothing like sitting in front of a real fire: the smell, the look, the feel, everything.

The big problem with our fireplace is that the lintel sits quite low down. I would have preferred a larger space in the wall for the fire to sit in, but trying to drill through a lintel is hard work, and also slightly dangerous as you don’t want to weaken the structure.


Empty living room with no carpets or skirting board. Fireplace in the centre back wall.


You can see how the fireplace looks now on my Instagram! I’m not unhappy, but I’d love a large log burner in that space, filled with spare logs.

Fireplace Inspiration

There are so many different types of log burners and stoves you can have, and companies that do all sorts of different styles, shapes and sizes. If you’re based in Scotland, you can head somewhere like Stove Scotland, a reputable company who install wood burning stoves in Edinburgh.


You can get the traditional Farmhouse look by combining a brick wall with a built in logburner like this one:


Brick surround with log burner in the middle on a slate hearth.


Or you can get tall ones that don’t have a flue out the top:


Modern log burner that's tall and narrow with no flue.


There are so many options, depending on the size of the space you have and how much heat you want/need. A log burner is definitely something we’ll look at for the future. They’re so loved in the UK that it’ll work in your favour as a selling point when you do come to move. I’d probably want to take my fireplace with me!

They’re absolutely a sound investment for any home.

Of course, Pinterest would be my first place to look for fireplace inspiration. I found this picture from Karen at Making Spaces. Just look at those daring black walls combined with the black log burner and exposed brick behind.


log burner with dark walls


Your fireplace is the focal point of your room. The eye should be drawn into the room and you do this by dressing your fireplace suitably. Karen demonstrates this perfectly by adding a large piece of artwork as well as accessories on the hearth.


Whatever you choose to do with your fireplace, never be afraid to go bold as it’s a space that can take it.



*Collaborative post

5 Steps To A Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist, modern living is a way to form a relaxing space, so here are the basic steps to achieve a minimalist living room.

Love them or hate them, you have to admit that minimalist, open plan spaces manage to tread the tightrope of being both impactful and relaxing all at the same time.

When we first looked around our house, we knew straightaway that we’d be knocking a wall down to create an open plan living space.

You want a space where you can combine a dining area with a lounge, or even a kitchen too if you choose to go fully open plan like me. Such spaces aren’t that hard to create. Just read the guide below to find out how to create a minimalist living room.


Step 1: Create space

The thing that you must do before all others when creating a minimalist living room is to examine the space you have to work with. You’ll have more work ahead of you if the rooms are separated off, as you will need to knock those walls down before you get going.

However, that doesn’t mean you get an easy ride if your space is already open-plan. Now is absolutely the time to clear any clutter and old items out. You need to create more space to allow new items to come in. 

Just remember to be sensible about the things that you are getting rid of, especially if they still have some use in them. You could donate this to charity, or friends and family instead of throwing them in the bin.

You don’t even need to have a car big enough to fit the larger items in because you can use a company like Shiply to pick them up and deliver them for you. This service makes it easier to be environmentally friendly with your minimalist renovation than ever before.


Step 2: Neutral pallet

Step Two is to define your neutral pallet for the space. Modern neutrals include different hues of white, greys, and even the odd splash of black to emphasise certain elements of the room here and there.

Just don’t go overboard on the latter through, as it’s likely to shrink your living space and make things seem smaller than they really are.  


Step 3: Consider utility

Step Three is all about choosing the new furniture with what you need in mind first, rather than just getting it because it looks pretty. The idea being that to achieve a truly minimal space you want the least amount of items to fulfil the job in the room as possible.


Step 4: Consider placement

Step Four is all about deciding where to place the items mentioned in Step Three for the best effect. Consider the space between pieces of furniture and the effect that this has on the room before you make your final decision.


Step 5: Decorate with a light touch

Last of all, even minimalist rooms can have a few decorative touches. This, however, must be done with a particularly light touch.

That means the occasional objet d’art, or picture on the wall. These items should be chosen to coordinate with the original colours you’re working with. The reason for this being that it will help you retain that sense of space that is such a calming and expansive part of a minimalist living room. 


So there you go. Five easy steps to obtain a minimalist and clean living space. Do you like tidy and minimalist, or cosy and lived in?


Six Steps to a Relaxing Home

We all need a relaxing home when our lives are so busy and hectic. It’s where you spend most of your time after all.

When you live a busy life, there is nothing that you want more than to get home and relax.

Unfortunately, this can be difficult if your home isn’t the zen environment you wished it was. If your home is messy or the atmosphere isn’t right, you might find it hard to find peace there.

Luckily, there are a few simple things that we all can do to make out homes a little more relaxing, so follow these steps.


  1. Avoid Bright Colours

The colour of the rooms in your home is going to have a large effect on your mood.

If you choose to paint the walls jarring shades of red, purple, or yellow, you’re going to find it difficult to relax, especially in your bedroom. Instead, opt for more tranquil colours like light greens, blues, and greys. Neutral colours, like white and beige will also work.


  1. Go Green

There is a reason that potted plants are always being placed in offices. They improve mood and cognitive performance.

Plants and flowers can also help to decrease stress and anxiety, which is necessary if you want to relax. Like with your walls, go for neutral colours with your flowers. However, a lavender plant also works wonders.


  1. Get The Lighting Right

Lighting can greatly affect your moods, so it’s important to get it just right.

During the day, try to allow as much natural light into your home as possible in order to boost your mood.

In the evening, avoid turning on the ‘big light’, as this will make your room feel very clinical, which will make you anxious. Instead, turn on several lamps, light candles, and hang fairy lights.


  1. Invest In A Hot Tub

There’s nothing more relaxing than a long soak in the bath, right? Wrong, there’s one thing better. A hot tub.

While baths are amazing, the range of hot tubs made by Spa City just feels a little more luxurious. When you’re in a hot tub, it feels as though you’re at a spa, which helps you to relax.

Grey sofa with bright coloured cushions

  1. Keep It Comfortable

No one can relax on a lumpy sofa or a hard mattress, so it’s important to invest in some comfortable furniture. If you don’t have the cash to buy all new furniture, then invest in some pillows for your couch, and a memory foam mattress topper for your bed.


  1. Cut Back On Clutter

A messy room is not relaxing. So stop making excuses about it being an “organised” mess, and actually get your home organised. Get rid of anything that’s broken, or you don’t use, and ensure that everything else is stored tidily.

You can also take this time to put out some of your own pictures or ornaments; It’s much easier to relax when treasured things are around you.


Your home is the place where you should be able to kick back and relax, no matter what’s happened during the day, so be sure to follow these steps if you want a relaxing home.

How to incorporate glass in your interiors

Glass is an incredible material that you can’t really ‘see’, yet it still makes an incredible difference. Find out how to incorporate glass in your interiors in this post.

When you’re considering giving your living room a fresh new look, or you’re tempted to wave your interior design magic over your kitchen, think about how to incorporate glass in your interiors.

This material can transform the darkest rooms into havens of light, bouncing every available ray of natural light across every wall. Glass is a material that is much more user-friendly than you might think. Take a look at these ideas to see more amazing glazing within your humble abode.



If you’re heading to the showroom to get a blueprint of your new custom-designed kitchen, you may want to add a touch of glass. While glass worktops are not going to be the most practical addition to your culinary haven, you can add glass splashbacks above your hob and around your sink.

The glass means that you aren’t forced to add a new colour or tiles to your wall space, and you still have a practical surface to wipe down once the little ones have had fun baking a cake (messily). With your quartz granite work surfaces twinkling in the sun as well as your glass splashbacks, your kitchen will be spacious and bright.



In your living room, you may want to maximise the natural light you have flooding into your space. Instead of opting for the ebonised or dark wooden furniture, opt for something a little lighter and brighter. The most stylish coffee tables are now made from a range of different and more vibrant materials.

The glass-topped rectangular classic oozes retro chic, or you could opt for a modern and minimalistic look with a nest of three glass-topped tables. By supplementing the darker furniture for glass, you can create the illusion of space through the transparency of the glazing.


Room Dividers

It can be tricky to find the right balance between open plan living and privacy. An ideal solution could be the use of glass bricks and blocks. Once all the rage in the 1970s, these chunky pieces of kit are now coming back into fashion particularly within en-suite shower rooms and kitchen diners. They allow you to compartmentalise your space without foregoing the all-important natural light within your home.

My mum has a whole room made of glass with wooden panels separating the glass sheets. It’s definitely a statement when you walk through the front door. They’ve had it like that for ten years, and people still comment on it. It makes what might have been a dingy hallway bright and spacious.

Picture of stained glass window being hand painted. Yellow rose and green leaves on window.


While you may love the stripped pine doors within your home, you could create a statement stained glass design within one or two of them.

Seeing light bathing your home only to reveal a shimmering stained glass design reflecting on your hallway floor is unique. Don’t be afraid of stained glass. It can be given a modern twist if you stay away from traditional art nouveau flowers and shapes. Opt for mid-century geometric patterns and succumb to a more on trend retro design.


By utilising any sort of glass feature within your home you will give your well-loved dwelling a sense of space, natural light and brightness. Used alongside other materials, you can develop a modern and unique look for your pad.