What It’s Really Like to be an Interiors Blogger

I’m writing this post to be truthful, about what it’s really like to be an interiors blogger.

I’ll definitely be shutting down some illusions, showing what’s really behind the pictures, and just generally showing that no one’s home is perfect, you should’t aspire to everything you see on Pinterest, and I always have a pile of washing about three feet high.


1. What’s in the background will shock you


What you see on my Instagram:


What’s actually behind me:




2. Your camera reel looks a little like this:

Phone camera reel showing loads of pictures of the same kitchen from tons of different angles


And then you have to sort through them all, delete the ones you don’t like, and edit the ones you do.


3. You can’t use the photos you’ve just spent ages taking because you’ve realised you haven’t arranged the teatowel neatly, and…

Kitchen stove with a wonky teatowel on it.


4. …the lighting is shocking.



5. You spend most of your time stealing decor items from other rooms for a picture. No we never have THAT many candles on one surface.



6. My bedrooms are no way near nice enough to post on any form of social media (not even Google+). They’re the last rooms we’re renovating and have green carpets.



7. No, my coffee table doesn’t look like that all the time

Coffee table with books and plants on it.


8. In fact, that plant normally belongs in the bathroom and you can see a nice scratch on our second-hand coffee table which we normally cover up with coasters.



9. The cat usually ends up in the photos by accident



10. My decor isn’t all from independent boutiques, John Lewis or Amara. Think more The Range and eBay.

My dining room with rug, pendant light and mirror


11. Our house was done on a budget and nearly all our wooden furniture is second hand (we’re not made of cash, we do have a wedding to plan).



12. Don’t ask me anything to do with actual interior design. I don’t know if those curtains will go with your cushions.



13. My house never looks this tidy all the time.The likelihood too is that all the photos I post on Instagram over a month’s period were all taken on the same day when the room was actually clean.


So there you have it.

Being an interiors blogger isn’t all it’s made out to be.