Lamps for your Home Office

In case you don’t know yet, I’m renovating my home office. This is a project I’m so excited about, and can’t wait to get finished (more so I can move all my books out of our spare room and back onto their shelves).

This project got me thinking about desk lamps. They add height to the room and the desk, and are an accessory as well as something you’ll use everyday. So I’ve been shopping and picked out some of my favourite lamps for your home office on the market at the moment.


Wooden Table Lamp,


Tripod lamp with cream shade from

I love the simple design of this lamp from (find it here). The tripod legs give it an industrial look, but the cream lamp shade and use of oak make it more modern than industrial, which is just what I love about it.


Livorno table light in Brass


Brass lamp with bare bulb from Dwell

This lamp is another industrial look with the use of a bare bulb with no lampshade. It’s a sleek design that will fit on any size desk. Brass works well with navy or pink. Pick it up from Dwell (it’s half price!)


Concrete Table Lamp


Concrete based lamp from John Lewis

I’ve actually fallen in love with this stunning lamp from John Lewis. I’m always attracted to grey (in clothes, home decor, anything) so it’s no surprise my eye was drawn to this one straight away.


Pineapple lamp in glass


Laura Ashley living room with glass pineapple lamp on end table.

This pineapple lamp from Laura Ashley is quirky enough, but its subtle colour means it will fit into any room of your house. I love the glass base and the pineapple trend is one that doesn’t seem to be disappearing quite yet. Maybe we’re all trying to imagine we’re in Barbados or something.


I hope these lamps for your home office have given you some food for thought. They definitely have for me (I’ll be heading to John Lewis to pick up that gorgeous concrete one soon).


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Choosing The Right Radiator For Your Home

Okay, so I know that radiators aren’t the most interesting topic, but choosing the right radiator can make a huge different to the look of your home.

You might be familiar with the classic boxy radiators that take up half of your space, aren’t the nicest to look at, and are dust traps. But now there are LOADS of other options available that look sleek and modern. Choosing the right radiator isn’t difficult when you know what your natural home style is. It also helps to know where you’re going to put it so you can take dimensions.

The key to choosing the right radiator is to know how much space you are willing to give up in your room. You also need to think is the radiator going to be on display or not. If no one is ever going to see it, then you might not need to worry so much about what it looks like.

With so many options available, it can be difficult choosing the right radiator for you. So here’s how you narrow the search down to what you want. 


The Room

We’re starting with the room itself. You need to think where your radiator is going. This is important because you may need to get a plumber in to move pipes around if you’re moving the radiator from its original location.

If it’s going under a window, you’ll need a long, narrow radiator. If you have an unusual space for it to go (like my Mum did) you can get a six-foot tall radiator which takes up less wall space lower down. And, to be honest, makes a bit of a statement too.


Me, my mum and my sister with a large six foot tall radiator behind us.


The Style

There are so many different types of radiator available. If you look at a site like Radiator Outlet you’ll be able to see loads of styles and sizes to fit anyone’s idea of perfect. 

The good news is modern radiators tend to be much more energy efficient than their older counterparts. So if you want to update your style and bring it into the contemporary realm, you will be able to do this and not miss out on the practicality. It might be worth talking to your plumber to ask whether you are able to install a smaller radiator than the one you currently have. Most of the time this shouldn’t be an issue.

The Best Material

With the variety of radiators available on the market, you’ll be surprised at the different materials on offer to you when you do come to look for a radiator.

There is the classic painted metal variety available everywhere. You might even want to change the colour so it blends in with your walls, or paint it a different colour altogether. Radiators don’t have to be an eyesore, but can become a part of your decor. 

The most common modern design is stainless steel. It looks sleek, has a chrome effect and is incredibly popular in modern homes and apartments.

The material you use will depend on the room you plan to use it in and whether it will be on display. Generally, radiators which are not painted get a little bit hotter to the touch, so it might not be a great idea to have these all over the house if you have children.


I hope this guide has helped for those choosing radiators in their homes. There really is so many to choose from it can be a bit baffling! What kinds of radiators do you have in your home (or wished you had)?

What is Decor Rotation and Should You Do It?

Humans don’t really like change, but decor rotation is absolutely something we should do in our homes.

I’m a really fussy person, but when I do find the PERFECT thing, I won’t get bored of it. That perfect item could easily stay for 10+ years.

I know other people aren’t like that and change their mind every other day. No matter what sort of person you are, everyone should believe in decor rotation. Our homes can become so tired, dull and shabby looking unless you rotate your furniture and bring in new bits and pieces every now and then.

It can be hard when you become emotionally attached to something. If you’ve had a piece such as a sofa in your life for many years, you become attached to it. This is why we see so much clutter in modern homes, even though the properties might be new either in building quality and design or new for us as home buyers. We fill them with the same old stuff.

Every so often, it’s right to let go, even if the interior pieces you have given sentimental value to are working and functioning properly. Sometimes you have to admit to the contemporary styles and move with the times. What’s better is that you might find something that is more suited to your tastes.


Replacing the sofa

The living, beating heart and soul of the home is and always will be the living room. It’s where you go to relax and watch your favourite television shows. It’s also a place where you have meaningful talks with your guests, friends and family.

Older sofas tended to be curvy and only provide three seats. Modern, stylish sofas have a more domineering factor with their sharp straight lines. A modern sectional corner sofa made from leather would make a great addition to your home.

These sofas can easily seat around four to five, with the benefit of a couple of foot resting spaces. They are large and do require a lot of space in your lounge or living room. However, they are in fact incredibly light for their size. Materials such as oak and yew are used for the structure, and foam padding replaces cloth.


Minimalist kitchen dining

White kitchen with breakfast bar and oak bar stools

When it comes to decor rotation, one of the easiest points to start with is the kitchen area. Even if you have a dining area in the home, you’re more than likely to have a small table and some chairs in the kitchen as well.

Have a look at contemporary home furniture that can provide you with good sturdy tables, that don’t take up a lot of room, and chairs with the same ethos. Bar stools to your kitchen would make for great congregation areas, and spots where the children can have their breakfast. The strong yet spindly legs give height to the seats which themselves are curved for comfortable back support.

You can, of course, opt for fabric, tempered rubber or even leather seats if you wish. The various styles with similar approaches include japansk, ypster and leena. All have a great minimalist touch for maximum space.


A Re-Paint

Sometimes, it’s not just about your decor. A shabby paint job can make your home look dated. You should try and refresh your paint every 10 years or so. Even if you go for the same colour! A touch up will make a massive difference. Just double check you’ve got the right paint colour before you buy (unlike me with this classic paint disaster).

The decor in our homes can often act like a familiar aura. We can get attached and place emotions and sentimental beliefs on the interior designs, but always remember that moving with the times is healthy for your sense of fashion. Out with the old and in with the new, sometimes you just have to go for it.






3 Ways To Add Contemporary Styling Around The Home

Add contemporary styling to your home with these helpful tips!

When it comes to home decor, you’ll often find that you have a very distinct taste.

You’ll find yourself drawn to certain things for a reason. Sometimes, your home style will be very you. It’s something that your friends and family can instantly visualise when they picture what your home would look like.

This is generally something quite natural for a lot of people. But it’s not always the same for everyone. Because sometimes, you can be drawn to a style that’s completely different to your own sense of style or usual tastes. And when that style is contemporary, you may not necessarily know how to create the right look around your home.

When you’ve seen contemporary styling in homes elsewhere, and you’re desperate to go with the look, you’ve now come to the right place. I’m going to talk through the ways in which you can achieve the look in your own home.



One of the best ways to achieve a particular home style is with the styling itself.

When you want to create a certain look, you need to be able to work with the right pieces in the right way.

It’s not just enough to buy contemporary furniture and hope for the best. Because when it comes to contemporary interior design, it’s all about how you stage it. You need to make sure that you’re working with the right vision.

This is often going to be quite minimal and very fashion-forward. So really think about how you’re placing your furniture and slowly build up piece by piece.



Then, you’re going to want to turn to the colours that you’re using as well.

Of course, everyone is going to have their personal preference when it comes to colour schemes they want to use around the house and even in individual rooms. But using the right kind of colours will help you to add to your contemporary styling.

So be sure you browse through a range of contemporary colour palettes before you pick. Because it’s often about the colours that you choose to put together, and not the individual colours themselves.



Next, it’s onto accessories.

Sometimes the styling isn’t in the bigger pieces alone. Two rooms can often look the same with identical pieces of furniture in.

But when you add in different accessories, they can take on personalities of their own. So whether it’s your kitchen or your living space, the bathroom or your bedroom, you’re going to want to choose your accessories wisely.

Abstract pieces and anything with an edge is always going to work quite well. You can often find that choosing a theme like Bohemia or art deco will help to bring your contemporary home styling to life too.


Just be sure to keep your contemporary vision in mind during the process. When you have a goal to work towards, you can often find that it’s much easier to make things happen and bring it all together.