Home Office Room Reveal

This home office room reveal has been a loooong time in the making.

I’ve written not one, but two posts before reaching this point. The first outlined my plans for the room (which of course changed), and the second was an update on the renovation. The second post explains why the whole thing was so delayed.

We wanted to have the study finished by the end of January. Now we’re nearly at the end of April! Why do these things take so much longer than you think?

But the point is it’s finished and I’ve been dying to share my new study with you all!


Home Office Room Reveal: The Before

The previous owners of the house obviously had a lot of clothes. They used the third and smallest bedroom as a sort of storage room for their many wardrobes. Obviously, it makes the room look tiny, and is such a waste of space (considering we have a double built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom, and they had a freestanding one in the second bedroom too).


Estate agent home photo - home office room reveal

The wardrobes even partially block the window.

This is how the room looked once we got the keys:


Somehow it looks worse…..two different types of carpet?! Pink stains on the floor?! Peeling wallpaper?!?!??! It’s pretty grim.


Home Office Room Reveal: During

We stripped all the carpet out as we were doing the downstairs renovations. We’d ordered a skip, so it made sense to get rid straight away. We then had spare kitchen flooring left, enough to do this room too. It meant we saved some money, and could get nice flooring down immediately.



We boarded out the ceiling to get rid of the artex, and then Jay skimmed the room.


new plastered study room


We got new skirting boards on, and Jay lined all the walls with lining paper. Then it meant I could crack on painting, and Jay could wallpaper.



Home Office Room Reveal: After







Full home office room with sage green walls and wallpaper


I chose a gorgeous sage green for the walls which I got from Valspar at B&Q. They colour match any colour as long as you have a sample of it. So you could get a colour card from Farrow and Ball, and Valspar will match it. The colour on mine is called Normandy Grey from Little Greene. I’d heard mixed things but the paint went on so well, only needed two coats, and doesn’t smell at all now it’s dried!

Our wallpaper is from Graham and Brown, which is also stocked at B&Q but is currently out of stock.

Thank you also to Cable and Cotton who gifted me the beautiful white LED lights which you can see on top of the bookcase. They’re USB so they plug into extension cables or into phone chargers. And they look so pretty with my newly organised bookcase. I’ve always wanted to organise by colour, but didn’t think I had enough different coloured books. Apparently I do!

We’ve currently got my keyboard living in there (which I’m trying to sell in case anyone is interested) so I haven’t been able to get a shot of the whole finished room without getting the keyboard in! Look out on my Instagram for one soon.


*The LED lights and paint for the room were gifted for the purpose of this post.

Lamps for your Home Office

In case you don’t know yet, I’m renovating my home office. This is a project I’m so excited about, and can’t wait to get finished (more so I can move all my books out of our spare room and back onto their shelves).

This project got me thinking about desk lamps. They add height to the room and the desk, and are an accessory as well as something you’ll use everyday. So I’ve been shopping and picked out some of my favourite lamps for your home office on the market at the moment.


Wooden Table Lamp, Lights.co.uk


Tripod lamp with cream shade from Lights.co.uk

I love the simple design of this lamp from Lights.co.uk (find it here). The tripod legs give it an industrial look, but the cream lamp shade and use of oak make it more modern than industrial, which is just what I love about it.


Livorno table light in Brass


Brass lamp with bare bulb from Dwell

This lamp is another industrial look with the use of a bare bulb with no lampshade. It’s a sleek design that will fit on any size desk. Brass works well with navy or pink. Pick it up from Dwell (it’s half price!)


Concrete Table Lamp


Concrete based lamp from John Lewis

I’ve actually fallen in love with this stunning lamp from John Lewis. I’m always attracted to grey (in clothes, home decor, anything) so it’s no surprise my eye was drawn to this one straight away.


Pineapple lamp in glass


Laura Ashley living room with glass pineapple lamp on end table.

This pineapple lamp from Laura Ashley is quirky enough, but its subtle colour means it will fit into any room of your house. I love the glass base and the pineapple trend is one that doesn’t seem to be disappearing quite yet. Maybe we’re all trying to imagine we’re in Barbados or something.


I hope these lamps for your home office have given you some food for thought. They definitely have for me (I’ll be heading to John Lewis to pick up that gorgeous concrete one soon).


*This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission when you buy something via my link.

An Update on our Study Renovation

All the way back in December, I wrote this post about renovating our study. 

We were planning on having it finished at the end of January, but we have barely even started it. This is just a quick post to say we will renovate our study at some point, but who knows when that will be. Here are the problems we’ve come across with the renovation so far which has stopped it before it even began.


Problem #1

So obviously funding is an issue, and we have a wedding to pay for at the end of April . We borrowed some money out of our wedding fund to invest in a written off car. The car belonged to my cousin, and had minor damage to the bumper, front wing and front quarter panel. We got the car for free with plans to spend money on it to hopefully sell it and make a fair amount back.

We’ve borrowed money out of the wedding to buy all the parts we need (new number plates, new alloy wheels, new bumper, new headlights, new wing mirror, etc.) with the hope that we’ll sell the car before the wedding and make all our money back plus extra.

But to be able to use this money for the wedding, we need to sell the car in March/April, which means it needs to go on the market kind of soon. And it’s no where near ready. So Jay’s priority is fixing the car so we can sell it, over renovating the study.


Problem #2

We were going to order bits for the study renovation from Travis Perkins in December, but it said there would be two weeks delivery wait. We decided not to order the bits but get a man with a van. Unfortunately, this idea didn’t work out, so we ended up ordering our pieces two weeks later, and then having to wait two weeks for delivery again. So we’re four weeks behind.

We had quite a lot to order. We’ve redone the insulation last week, so the house is toasty. We had to buy plasterboard so we can get rid of the horrible artex on the ceiling. We also bought some other plastering bits because the walls aren’t great. We’ve got lining paper, wallpaper, and paint already, but can’t put it on yet!


Problem #3

Although we have everything we need to complete the study renovation, finding the time is difficult. Jay’s working a ‘shut down’ at work, which means three weeks of 12 hour days. When on earth is he going to find the time to plasterboard and skim a ceiling, put lining paper and wallpaper up, and work on the car which we need to sell ASAP?


This is the image I’m focusing on until we can start properly concentrating on it:


Home office renovation ideas. Photo collage of wallpaper, pink paint, oak desk and wooden floor


Our beautiful wallpaper is from Graham and Brown, and our paint is from the Valspar range.


Keep updated for when we do actually begin work properly!

How to Achieve a Classy Home Look

Achieving a classy home look isn’t always easy, but these three suggestions might make it more so.

There are many things you might want to achieve in your home. We always seem to change our mind on what style we want. But one style that won’t change is that of a traditional and classy home.

This old-world charm is something that can be difficult to get right. It can be even more tricky when you’re trying to combine old-world with a modern home. It can take an expert and practised eye to get it spot on.

But good news! There are also a few choice ideas which are bound to work. Here are some great and easy ways to achieve a classy home look. 


Antique Fireplace

If you have a fireplace or even a plain chimney breast, then you might find it beneficial to make as much use of it as possible. Fireplaces are huge centrepieces and should be used to draw the eye into the room as soon as you walk in. 

Consider treating yourself to a brand new fireplace, perhaps even an antique one from the likes of Westland London. No matter what your home is like, or the kind of space you have to work with, installing an antique fireplace will make a huge difference.

You might choose a traditional one like this from Kerry. She lovingly restored this one herself and was absolutely worth the effort. 


A classy home means installing a classy fireplace like this traditional Victorian one which has been restored.



Or perhaps something a little more modern like a woodburner.

You might find that a fireplace is just what your living room has been missing all these years.


Mirror Details

Mirrors always add a touch of glamour and glitz for a classy home. It’s hard to pinpoint why exactly, but it works and is worth bearing in mind if you are looking for a way to make your home a little classier.

Something you should also consider is to have some mirror detailing. This can really be effective in making mirrors you have hung up seem even more special and classy. What those details are is entirely up to you, but if you want a truly traditional feel then you might want to go for a more classic look. You might be surprised at what a difference such details really can make to your home.


Daring Colours

If you really want to add some Victorian class to your classy home, try bold wallpaper print and dark wall colours. There’s something so lovely and traditional about dark furniture paired with daring wallpaper. 


So achieve a timeless, traditional home look easily with these suggestions!