The Finished Kitchen: Final Results

My last house-related post shows our finished bathroom and now we have a finished kitchen too!

The bathroom looks exactly how I imagined it. It’s quite a small room, so we had to go for a joint bath-shower, which meant forgoing my walk-in shower *huge sad face*. There isn’t much light in the bathroom so we got glossy tiles to reflect the little light that there is. I’m also on the look out for a huge mirror to put across all of one wall.

The finished kitchen is also exactly how I pictured it. We purchased it on eBay second-hand for a bargain price. We couldn’t have afforded a brand new kitchen, and I was very wary of purchasing something so huge on eBay. But I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it.

I love my range cooker, made by Stoves. It has seven hobs, two ovens, a grill, and a warming/proving drawer.

Ignore the horrendous state of the surfaces and trailing wires. I love my tiles. They’re from Topps Tiles and come in about five different colours. They’re darker than I imagined, but we’ve gone with a light floor and kitchen so it’s a nice contrast.

Our floor is part of a new collection from Wickes of all places. We’re very impressed with it. It’s laminate but is very thick and has a texture so it feels and looks like solid wood.

Today, our skirting has been completed, and all our sockets have been screwed in and are working. We’ve chosen brushed steel sockets, which match the brushed steel tile trim and the handles of the kitchen units.

Our fridge and freezer is built-in, so you’d never know they’re there, and our washing machine is going in the garage. The only appliance we have on show is the cooker so everything looks neat and tidy.

Hopefully, we can have some truly fabulous parties here!

Before and After


Before, the kitchen was from the 70s, and was dark and grimy. The appliances seemed to be about as old as the kitchen.



During: A lot of the units practically fell away from the wall. It wasn’t a safe space. We had the strangest “outside doors” inside the house which have now been removed, and replaced with a modern archway.


After: the room is such much lighter now the tiles and the dark furniture is out. We’ve opened out the kitchen into a U-shape to make it feel bigger.



The paint colour is a grey/green which looks almost white. It goes perfectly with the tiles and seems to heighten the ceiling.

Hopefully, we’ll be ready to move in soon! The next big job is rebuilding the staircase, so stay updated!


Designing my Living Room Interior

I’m far too excited about designing my living room.

I posted a blog post earlier today about how we can’t live without technology. The post has a mood board to go with it, and now it’s got me thinking about designing my living room. So that’s what this post is about.

I didn’t think that I would be very good at interior design. I can be indecisive and fussy, and it takes me forever to reach a decision. However, with designing my house, I’ve been making good decisions, fast.

I love my bathroom tiles which were completed last week. I love my kitchen tiles, which are in the process of going up. The colour I have chosen for the living room is absolutely lovely (not that I’m bragging or anything…but I am).

Every decision I’ve made so far seems to be right (touch wood!). The only decision that wasn’t right was the carpet I picked for the living room, but I changed my mind in plenty of time.

I’ve really surprised myself, and I can ‘see’ how I want things to be. Even down to the position of the spotlights, and which way the wooden flooring should go.

Designing my living room

Moodboard for our living room theme

Sometimes, grey can feel a bit cold. The paint I chose is grey with a slight brown tinge to it, so it feels a lot warmer.

Like this:


The living room is very bright because it’s an open space with a large window at the front. However, I would like to add some colour somehow. Though I haven’t thought this far ahead.

Some green would be nice to go with the brown and give it a natural, earthy feel. We bought a brand new sofa and armchair to go in the living room. Though they’re currently sat in our garage whilst we wait for the carpet to be fitted.

If you were redecorating, what would your choice of colour be? I’d love to hear from you!


Dream Home has a Dream New Bathroom

Everything that we’ve done to this house has been on a tight budget, and that includes our new bathroom.

Although we’ve saved a lot of money, we have also spent A LOT. Buying a brand new bathroom is expensive, so we figured out how we could make it cheaper. And it sort of happened by accident.

My brother works at Wickes, a bathroom, kitchen and general DIY warehouse. Instant 20% off.

They also happened to have a 50% off Christmas/Winter sale, that they then stretched to 65%. Amazingly, we got half of my brother’s discount on top!

Our bathroom was over 75% off and it meant we could pick out whatever we wanted in the warehouse.

Old bathroom

This is a before picture of the bathroom as it was when we moved in. Our original intentions were to not touch the bathroom for a couple of years. But as I mentioned in this post, we had a leaking soil pipe that ran through the inside of the bathroom.

It involved us taking the whole bathroom out so it looked like this.

Building site bathroom

We did, ultimately, have to take the toilet out, so we’ve been without one for about 6 weeks! Luckily, we aren’t living in this house.

Last week, we got the floorboards back down in time for the tiler. I’m absolutely in love with my tiles, which is such a relief.

new bathroom tiles

Seeing them on the wall has transformed the room. It has brightened it and finally adds our personal style.

We’ve still got a way to go. The flooring is going in, and then the toilet and the sink can follow. I’m just so excited to show you the finished thing! It’ll be the first room of the house to be completed, and I hope I’ll start to feel like I’m getting somewhere.