Home Office Room Reveal

This home office room reveal has been a loooong time in the making.

I’ve written not one, but two posts before reaching this point. The first outlined my plans for the room (which of course changed), and the second was an update on the renovation. The second post explains why the whole thing was so delayed.

We wanted to have the study finished by the end of January. Now we’re nearly at the end of April! Why do these things take so much longer than you think?

But the point is it’s finished and I’ve been dying to share my new study with you all!


Home Office Room Reveal: The Before

The previous owners of the house obviously had a lot of clothes. They used the third and smallest bedroom as a sort of storage room for their many wardrobes. Obviously, it makes the room look tiny, and is such a waste of space (considering we have a double built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom, and they had a freestanding one in the second bedroom too).


Estate agent home photo - home office room reveal

The wardrobes even partially block the window.

This is how the room looked once we got the keys:


Somehow it looks worse…..two different types of carpet?! Pink stains on the floor?! Peeling wallpaper?!?!??! It’s pretty grim.


Home Office Room Reveal: During

We stripped all the carpet out as we were doing the downstairs renovations. We’d ordered a skip, so it made sense to get rid straight away. We then had spare kitchen flooring left, enough to do this room too. It meant we saved some money, and could get nice flooring down immediately.



We boarded out the ceiling to get rid of the artex, and then Jay skimmed the room.


new plastered study room


We got new skirting boards on, and Jay lined all the walls with lining paper. Then it meant I could crack on painting, and Jay could wallpaper.



Home Office Room Reveal: After







Full home office room with sage green walls and wallpaper


I chose a gorgeous sage green for the walls which I got from Valspar at B&Q. They colour match any colour as long as you have a sample of it. So you could get a colour card from Farrow and Ball, and Valspar will match it. The colour on mine is called Normandy Grey from Little Greene. I’d heard mixed things but the paint went on so well, only needed two coats, and doesn’t smell at all now it’s dried!

Our wallpaper is from Graham and Brown, which is also stocked at B&Q but is currently out of stock.

Thank you also to Cable and Cotton who gifted me the beautiful white LED lights which you can see on top of the bookcase. They’re USB so they plug into extension cables or into phone chargers. And they look so pretty with my newly organised bookcase. I’ve always wanted to organise by colour, but didn’t think I had enough different coloured books. Apparently I do!

We’ve currently got my keyboard living in there (which I’m trying to sell in case anyone is interested) so I haven’t been able to get a shot of the whole finished room without getting the keyboard in! Look out on my Instagram for one soon.


*The LED lights and paint for the room were gifted for the purpose of this post.

Some home office design ideas

Our house renovation has finally slowed down, but we’re always thinking ahead, and now we’re scoping out some office design ideas.

Now that we’ve moved in, we’re slowly plodding along with smaller jobs. You might have seen my bathroom reveal a couple of days ago, so the office is now the only un-decorated room to go. There are two rooms in the house that haven’t been touched at all: the master bedroom and the spare bedroom.

The office will mainly be my domain; a space for my books, a quiet place to blog. The office design ideas should incorporate a space for my desk, my bookshelves and space for my keyboard. I’m still not convinced this will fit, as I don’t want a space that looks overly cramped or messy.

I also know that I would like to keep the space light and airy. It’s the smallest room of the house, because the boiler is in a cupboard/room within the study. I’d like to disguise this boiler room as much as possible. You can see how it looks in the picture below (terrible quality sorry).

It is currently a complete waste of space. When we looked around the house for the first time, there was one shelf of books in it. I think we could fit many more shelves in here, for storing things like toilet roll and spare cables for the computer/laptops. It sits directly over the staircase, which is why it has a funny shaped ‘floor’.

So far, the room is a complete blank slate. I removed all the wallpaper before we moved in. The laminate floor and skirting boards (unpainted) are also in. We’ll be using lining paper instead of paying for a plasterer, and then painting the walls. Although, my office design ideas incorporated wallpaper, maybe just along one wall. I love this way of using wallpaper. Wallpaper behind a shelved wall will always look great, but I like the subtle-ness of the paper.

As mentioned above, I like minimalism, and classic, clean edges. Like this:

office design ideas

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

I love the artwork on the walls above the desk. It is simple but it really works, and adds to the corner. My desk is currently sitting in a corner, so I’ll definitely be considering some sort of shelving/art work on the wall to the right. Maybe that’s the wall I should put my paper on:

Some of my favourite bloggers’ offices

Lark and Linen

Jacquelyn’s study is what dreams are made of. Her house is old enough to have that stunning wooden panelling all the way around, which she’s accentuated by adding wallpaper just above it.
Her study is huge, and enables her to have a reading chair in the corner, complete with an overhanging light. And just look at that bookshelf.

Wit and Delight

I love a good nosy at a Before and After, and Kate’s did not disappoint. That blue colour is brave but stunning, and it compliments the brown hue of the wooden floorboards. Kate’s study can hold the colour because of its size, but she also breaks up the colour using white furniture, and artwork.


Swoon Worthy

Kimberly is renowned for her bold splashes of colour combined with crazy patterns, but she always pulls the look off. Her home office is no different. I adore the pink colours combined with the dark desk and floorboards, with the elements of gold layered over the top too in the bookshelf, the chair, and art work. And that egg chair!! If I had one of those in my office, I would never do any work. Kimberly always persuades me that you can go a bit wild with patterns and colours, and that it can work.

How would you decorate your office? Clean and serene, or loud and bold?