Choosing your wedding jewellery

If you’ve found this post, you might be getting married yourself and want some advice on choosing your wedding jewellery.

I know that when I’ve looked at a bride in the past, I focus on her dress and not much else, but there are so many decisions and accessories that have been thought about to complement the dress. I didn’t realise this until I became engaged myself and went to my dress fitting. Once you’ve chosen the dress, there’s then the veil and headpiece decision, the underwear decision (will the bra you’ve bought show over the top of the dress neckline?), the shoes decision (height, style, colour, material) and finally, choosing your wedding jewellery.

The decisions seem to be endless, and everything has to tie in together. The veil can’t be cream with a pure white dress. You can’t have silver crystals in your dress and rose gold crystals in your shoes. This makes finding your accessories so much harder than you thought it was going to be. This post should help you when choosing your wedding jewellery on what to go for and how to style it.


Bold and Beautiful

Some brides don’t want any accessories to detract from the dress, but what they don’t see is that they can accent it more. If you have a plunging or a sweetheart neckline, you can absolutely get away with a slightly bolder necklace that will fill the space below your neck perfectly.

If your dress has a low back, you can get some beautiful necklaces from somewhere like Lace and Favour that hang behind you rather than in front. Don’t forget that when you’re getting married, the back of you is what the congregation will see most!


Jewellery box from Lace and Favour


Classy and Simple

Simple jewellery always works well with a detailed dress or a plain one. Whether you’re wearing satin, lace, chiffon, and whether it’s fishtail, boho or princess, simple jewellery will set your dress off perfectly.

This beautiful set from Lace and Favour is the perfect jewellery for any shape and style of dress. It also comes in rose gold and gold if silver isn’t in your colour scheme.


Lace and Favour Belmont Crystal earrings and necklace set


Casual and Boho Wedding Jewellery

Nowadays, more and more brides are choosing to do a wedding on a tighter budget, doing a lot themselves, crafting small items and taking a more informal approach. Your wedding jewellery should demonstrate this too.

You can choose beautiful foot jewellery instead of shoes if you’re having a destination beach wedding. You can have art deco or vintage jewellery to match the boho 20s feel. Choose fun jewellery that isn’t so formal. You might go for a necklace with a coloured, statement flower on it rather than sticking to silver or gold.


Silver, Gold or Something else?

When it comes to choosing your wedding jewellery, you need to think about what suits other people. My bridesmaid dresses have a small jewelled silver detail on the shoulders, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to have a touch of silver, and then me to have gold.

Think about the day as a whole. What colour flowers are you having, and will gold or silver go better with those? For me, there was no option other than silver. It’s always been my favourite jewellery colour and it’s possibly the most popular.


It really is these little details that make a big difference on your day. Not only will you look amazing, but you’ll also feel it which is almost more important.


*Thank you so much to Lace and Favour for gifting me the beautiful earring and necklace set pictured above for my big day. I can’t wait to wear them!

Things to Consider Before You Get Married

Getting married is an adventure all on its own, and can be a pretty confusing jungle. There are certain things and steps you need to consider before you get married.

Though not everyone will think about these things, it will make the whole wedding process much easier.

If you follow these things to consider before you get married, you’ll both be much happier.

A Place To Stay

Me and Jay said we would live together before we got married. How else can you truly know a person until you’ve experienced every bad habit? Living with Jay has also made it easier from a finance situation. We share the bills and put the same amount into the wedding each month. 

Living with your parents will have a strain on both of you if you’re also trying to plan a wedding. It’s so much easier said than done, but it would be easier to settle into a house first, and then focus on wedding saving. You don’t want to still be living with your parents when you’re married! It’s always best to marry when you have plans of getting your own place to stay.

With regards to a place to stay, you want to think about where you’re staying the night before the wedding. If you’re not bothered about seeing each other (‘bad luck’ and all that) then stay at home. Me and Jay will each be staying at our parents the night before to avoid any bad luck!


Wedding Bands

It’s important to find the most beautiful and suitable wedding bands you can. Paying for premium is something that truly matters here as you’ll have your wedding bands for the rest of your life. They need to be good quality.

They’re a memento which symbolises your entire marriage, so it’s important to find something perfect. The correct wedding bands you should use are often beautifully crafted Tacori wedding rings, as these offer a perfect balance between stylish design and a modern aesthetic while also being made of enviable and durable materials. With one of these on your finger, you’re sure to experience many words of positive approval and jealousy.

Of course, rings are subjective based on the tastes on both sides, meaning that the wedding band you choose should be carefully considered based on the shared personality you have.


Wedding bands on a white pillow with pink ribbon


Financial Backing

It’s always important to start off the wedding with a relatively satisfying amount of savings.

While the ‘dowry’ is falling out of fashion, having a little money for you to both invest in your future goes a long way in securing the initial and early stages of a great marriage. Nowadays, the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents share the cost of the wedding. It’s also normal to invest yourself, as me and Jay have.

Having this security contingency will help you relax and both feel comfortable in enjoying your future life together. And you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re not bankrupting yourselves to pay for your wedding.


Storage Space

You won’t believe how much wedding-related stuff you will accumulate before the big day. My mum is currently storing my veil, my shoes, 80 bottles of wine, 30 jars, 14 candles, the bridesmaids’ gifts. This will soon increase to my wedding dress, and anything else wedding related that I buy before now and then (hangers, guest book, table plan, etc). We have to take everything over to our wedding venue the week of the wedding, and I honestly thing we’ll struggle to do it in one car load. 

I never even thought of storage for wedding things, so make sure you clear some space.


Hopefully, these things to consider before you get married will help you gain some solid footing to start your marriage on. 

How to Pick a Wedding Venue

This guide on how to pick a wedding venue is for all newly-engaged brides-to-be who have no idea what they want.


Weddings are so baffling: how do you even know where to start once the excitement of the engagement wears off?! Nowadays there are so many options to choose from. People are choosing small and intimate over big and showy, or abroad over home, or casual over formal. There is no limit to your wedding. It’s however you want it. So the big question is: how to pick a wedding venue?

The venue will be one of the most important parts of your day. It’s one of the first things guests look at on the invitation to guess what kind of a wedding it will be. Here’s how to pick a wedding venue and get it right first time.


Know your location

Me and Jay got lucky in that we are both from Chester, and have lived here our whole lives. But maybe you’re from Scotland and your partner from London, and you both want the wedding in your home town. Will you find a venue in between so that your family have to meet halfway? Or just choose somewhere in the South over the North. Maybe you don’t even want it in the UK, but abroad! Knowing where you want your wedding to be should be the first thing you think about. Choose a location and then search for venues within the radius.


Know your budget

How on earth can you choose a venue if you haven’t worked out your budget? Don’t get too excited and start booking appointments at all the manor houses in a 20 mile radius if you don’t know how much money you have available to spend on the venue. You need to think about how you’ll split the budget. Do you want 25% to go on the venue? Or would you rather have a cheaper venue and spend lots of money on decor to dress it up?

Work out your budget and then this will narrow down your search. You won’t be wasting time looking at places you couldn’t afford. You’ll only end up getting yourself in debt if you do book one without working on finances first. Or you’ll have to cut back in other ways which isn’t much fun either.


Know your style/theme

Do you want a barn wedding situated somewhere like Cain Manor? Or do you want a classic wedding in a manor house? Maybe you want a fairytale wedding set in an outdoor venue. Whilst most venues can be dressed to accommodate any theme, you do still need to think about whether a masquerade ball will work in a tipi. Or maybe you’ve booked a hotel with red walls, and you want pink as your colour scheme. It sounds like such a minute detail, but it might make you think twice about your venue choice.


Know your numbers

There is no point looking around a marquee that can seat 300 people if you plan on having an intimate and personal wedding of 50 people. Similarly, don’t book a tipi, and then invite twice as many people as can fit in it. You need to know your numbers to understand which venues will be most sensible.


I hope this guide on how to pick a wedding venue can help some brides out. There’s always websites like which are there to help. That’s actually how I found my venue. Whatever you choose, you’ll have the best day ever!


How to Calmly Plan Your Wedding

Planning a party for 150 people when you’ve never even planned one for 20 people before is a big deal. Calmly plan your wedding using these tips and suggestions!

Congratulations on your engagement! Now is for the exciting part: the planning. You’ve got a blank slate, all the suppliers in the world to choose from and a full budget. At first it’s so exciting. But when your florist sells her business, your hairdresser cancels and your vicar announces his retirement you might start to panic (and yes, all of those have happened to me in the last 3 months).


Get organised

I have a wedding folder that is getting larger and larger each month, but without it I’d be lost. It’s where I put any invoices if I’ve paid deposits/the full amount. There’s a lot to remember and things get confusing when you have 15 suppliers. Keep track of what you’ve paid and when to calmly plan your wedding.

To stop you panicking about budget, work out exactly what you can save every month, and how much you’re being given by other family members. You don’t want to run out of budget and have to start applying for credit cards and loans. This will ruin the whole planning process.

Work out your budget and how many people you need to invite. The rest can follow from there.


Keep in touch with your suppliers

Don’t bombard them, but if you have any questions, feel free to email them once they’ve been booked. This kind of contact means they are more likely to remember you and also puts your mind at rest.

Remind them a couple of weeks before an appointment that there is an appointment. I booked my make up trial, and got there only to be greeted by another bride. The MUA had double booked. I’d booked my appointment months before, and the other bride had only booked a couple of weeks before. If you do book something months in advance, phone ahead to remind them and make sure the meeting is still on.


Find all the free tools available to you

You are not the first woman to plan her wedding. There are so many amazing free tools on the internet provided by others who have got married. It’s where I got the template for my budget spreadsheet, where I found some of my suppliers, and also where I got advice. A website such as is full of inspiration, things to buy, planning ideas, local wedding fayres, and even competitions you can enter for free.

Absolutely use this to calmly plan your wedding and help you through those times when you’ve hit a wall.


Do things sooner than you think

I thought organising my bridesmaids dresses in October for the following April was enough notice. But they won’t come in until mid February, leaving not much time for alterations. Always do things sooner than you think.

With items like invitations, it can take a while for you to work out the wording you want. By the time you get them ordered, delivered, put into envelopes and taken to the post office for posting, another two weeks might have gone by. What if there’s a delay or a load of guests don’t receive theirs? Avoid stress by leaving yourself plenty of time.



Calmly plan your wedding with minimal stress using these tips and suggestions!



Header photo credit: Rachel Clarke,

Dream Winter Wedding Inspiration

Have you decided you want a winter wedding? Here’s some winter wedding inspiration for the UK bride.

Winter is a wonderful time of year to get married. It can be truly magical, though a bit cold, and usually works out cheaper as winter counts as off season. This article will provide you with some winter wedding inspiration if you’re getting married between November and February.


A Winter Wedding Venue

A winter wedding always sounds like a magical idea: lots of snow, guests with hot chocolate and fur coats, blue and white colour scheme. Until, in the UK, it starts raining, your dress gets muddy and your makeup starts to run. But, your winter wedding can still be magical if you get married somewhere like Alnwick Castle.

Alnwick Castle is based in Northumberland and is the perfect wedding venue for your magical winter wedding. Why? Because it was used as a setting for the Harry Potter films. Its stunning grounds and enchanting buildings makes it an incredible setting for your wedding that your guests will always remember.

The castle has three different wedding venues to choose from and all three hold marriage licences and couples can mix their celebrations between each location if they wish. Why not arrange a ceremony in lovely Hulne Abbey, followed by a reception in the Guest Hall? Or get married in the Guest Hall, followed by a barbeque and dancing on the lawns at Friars Well? There’s something for everyone.

A bride and groom under archway at derelict abbey.

The Dress

Winter in the UK is notoriously confusing. Will it be cold, wet, windy, snowing, or sunny? Who knows. But you need to be prepared. You should arrange with your venue to have a couple of brolleys stocked and ready in case it starts pouring down, especially if you’re having pictures outside.

It might also be good to buy some sort of fur shawl to cover your shoulders. Wedding dresses are surprisingly warming, with so many layers, but you will need something to cover your arms. Pinterest has loads of ideas for this!


Picking a Theme

Summer is best for pinks, oranges and greens, fresh colours. So what colours work in winter? Blue and white is always a stunning combination for a winter wedding, as is red (Christmas, hello?!). You could use icicles or snowflakes as features on your invitations, menus and other forms of stationary.

Your invitations are the first ‘hint’ people get as to what colour scheme or theme your wedding has. An invitation gives away a lot more than you might think, so make sure your invitations give the right impression when they go out.

You could even go Christmas themed, using Christmas trees as your decoration/centrepieces if you’ve chosen to host a December wedding. Whenever you’re getting married in winter, these details won’t go unnoticed.


These winter wedding inspiration ideas should help you plan your dream winter wedding. There is so much to think about, so give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare well in advance.