Brides’ Top Wedding Regrets

Everyone wants their wedding day to go perfectly without a hitch, however there may be some aspects of your wedding that you regret.

Maybe the colour wasn’t quite right on the bridesmaids, or maybe you should have got a 4th tier on your cake. Whatever the issue, I asked some brides what their top wedding regrets were. The answers were really interesting, and I hope they’ll give brides-to-be some ideas/advice about handling their own day.

Top Wedding Regrets


I wish I hadn’t got so stressed by the whole thing, it made me feel so ill. And spoiled my day. Also wish I hadn’t let people interfere — Jess Hible, Mrs Hible

I completely agree with Jess about not letting family interfere. It doesn’t matter who is paying for what, it’s still your day. They offered to pay, it wasn’t an obligation. Have what you want and when you want it. And don’t get too stressed otherwise you can’t enjoy your day. If you really are worried, take Alex’s advice:


Hire a coordinator! Even if it’s just for the month of the wedding. We help more than you realise! — Alex Fielder, In a Field of Books

My sister, Claire from Bouquet and Bells, offers co-ordination just the day of the wedding. If anything goes wrong on the day, she can fix it. If the cake hasn’t been delivered, she can chase up where it is for you, so you don’t have to panic.


Letting my mother have such a huge say in everything. Although she was paying, it was still my day — Ann Drist

This is a tough one that I’ve seen a lot. The bride’s or groom’s parents put money in, so they want to invite their friends and have their say on the groom’s suit and the bride’s shoes.


Have what you want and that’s that.


I would have chosen my bridesmaids more carefully. Some of them were dealing with disappointment with their own relationships & inadvertently took that out on me, acted bored during events, weren’t helpful, whiny, just weren’t there for me — Happy Glam Fab

This is a really tough one. You might have got engaged two years before you got married, so how can you know that you’ll still have the same relationship with your bridesmaids? I’ve been lucky with mine. My sister is maid of honour, two of my bridesmaids were friends from high school, so I’ve known them 10 years. The other two are my fiance’s sisters who I’ve known for nearly 6 years.

I made sure that I was happy with my choice. So far, they’ve all been more than helpful, and have bent over backwards to make it to dress appointments.

My biggest advice would be don’t get too excited straight after you’ve got engaged and ask them. Really think about the decision.


I would’ve eloped and taken immediate family, sans my older sister, with us and just had fun! Also would’ve remembered my dress hoop — Sharion Conley

I’ve heard of people having a big wedding, and wishing they’d spent less. I’ve heard of people having a small wedding and wishing they’d made more of the celebration. Eloping is always an option, albeit an expensive one with accommodation and flights.

And don’t forget your dress hoop like Sharion!

Or your jewellery, or anything else important (rings!!)


I was too stressed when taking pictures and it showed. I regret not being less tenseAlmost Sane Mom

Not everyone likes having their picture taken, but being uncomfortable in front of the camera will show in your pictures, forever. If you feel tense before the wedding, a massage might be a good idea to remove tension from your neck and shoulders. This will improve your posture on the day.


I put far too much pressure on having “that feeling” when you find the dressHolly, Thimbles and Spoons (she expands on buying her wedding dress in the linked post).

I did the same as Holly and told myself that if my wedding party didn’t cry when I came out of the dressing room, the dress wasn’t right. Luckily we all cried and liked it. But what if we hadn’t? And what if we’d traipsed round five more shops to try and get that feeling?

Do not put that much pressure on yourself. Go with an open mind, try on all colours, designs, materials and styles, and you’ll find one that you love.


Thank you so much to everyone who shared their top wedding regrets with me! Have you got any that aren’t on this list?

Worried about getting a migraine on your wedding day?

If you’re like me and you suffer from migraines, you might be worried about getting a migraine on your wedding day.


I suffer from migraines, and they can come on at any time when you’re least expecting it. When it does hit, it usually stays there all night and into the next morning no matter what I eat or drink. So the trick is to prevent the migraine/headache before it arrives.

A migraine would ruin my wedding day for me. There are some steps you can take to avoid getting a migraine on your wedding day, and ensuring it’s the best day ever.



It’s easier said than done to sleep well before your wedding day. You’ll be stressed out, which of course causes headaches, and you might not be eating right either. But try to get a good night’s sleep in the run up to the day.

Avoid getting a migraine on your wedding day by getting as much sleep as you can before 12am. According to sleep experts, the number of hours sleep you can get before 12am, the better. This means avoiding caffeine after about 8pm. Try to buy decaf tea or coffee to drink in the evening, and avoid eating too late. It’s best to have your evening meal around 7pm or sooner.



I have found certain triggers can set off my migraines or cluster headaches. The biggest one is foods containing gluten. If I eat lots of bread or pasta for two or three days, I get a severe headache that won’t go away. It won’t disappear with medication, water or sleep.

Try to write down what foods you have eaten when you get a migraine. Can you see a pattern? Have you eaten a lot of bread over a few days? Even if you’re not sure what’s causing the headaches, perhaps avoid too much gluten the week before the wedding.

Cheese is another trigger for headaches, so back away from the cheeseboards (believe me, I know that’s difficult).



This is such an obvious one but drink lots of water. Not only will this make you feel better, and stave off the headaches, but it also makes you look better. Want glowing skin on your wedding day? Water is the answer!

Avoid too many fizzy drinks. Diet versions contain aspartame which can be a migraine trigger, and you don’t want too much sugar either as this can cause headaches too!



If you’re still worried about getting a migraine on your wedding day, the best day of your life, you can have a consultation with a doctor about getting some migraine relief tablets. You’ll feel better knowing you’ve got something just in case one decides to gate crash.

So overall, avoid anything sugary, cheesy, carby, or basically nice! But seriously, try to cut down on fizzy drinks and switch it out for water. This will also help you sleep better leading up to the big day. No one wants bags under their eyes.

Try to avoid lots of bread or pasta. If you do have it, keep it to a minimum, i.e. one meal a day. It’s probably not a good idea to have toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and a big bowl of cheesy pasta in the evening.

Don’t let migraines ruin your wedding day.

Where you can save money on your wedding

Everyone knows weddings are expensive, so you want to save money on your wedding where you can.

It’s not just the shocking venue and food costs but all the little extras: favours, jewellery for the bride and bridesmaids, gifts for family.

So how can you save money on your wedding, cut the cost and still have an incredible day?

No favours

white and yellow themed wedding table decorations

My mum said that when she got married, favours weren’t a ‘thing’. Your guests didn’t receive any little gifts or presents.

I budgeted in £400 for these ‘little’ gifts. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought, what’s the point? I’ve spent thousands so everyone can have a wonderful three course meal, free drinks and a large evening buffet. I’ve paid for everyone’s entertainment like the flautist and the evening DJ.

Why do I have to fork out £400 to say Thank You for Coming when I’ve paid for their whole day?!

Even small favours, like chocolates, can cost around £1.20 upwards. For 80 guests, that’s £96. Just for two chocolates in a little box.

You might be calling me stingy, but every little bit you can save really helps over the whole day.

Will people sit down and exclaim angrily “Where’s my favour?” Probably not.

Money Saved: £100 minimum

Minimal entertainment

photo booth image

When I sat down with my schedule for the day, I worked out that there is around 30 minutes where guests might be milling around doing nothing.

I’m not forking out £300 for a photo booth just to keep guests entertained for under an hour.

Any moments that may have been empty or boring I’ve filled with things, such as cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet outside, etc. Save money on your wedding by doing these free activities. They add interesting moments to the day and it’’s a chance to get all the guests together for a special moment.

I’ve still got a DJ for the evening, as obviously you do need some form of music/dancing. But I didn’t feel the need to have a DJ AND a caricaturist, or a band, or a magician, etc.

If you’re trying to save more money, rather than having a DJ, you could create a CD full of dance and chart music that plays all night over the venue’s speaker system.

You’ve just got married. You are the entertainment.

Money Saved: £300-400 for additional entertainment

DIY what you can

If you have the time, spend a little time DIYing some bits and pieces. I made my wedding invitations for a total of £88.

Most companies charge around £3 per invite. For 90 invites, that’s a total of £270. My invites cost £0.97 for printing, ribbon and a stick-on bows, and totalled £87.30.

save money on your wedding by making your own invitations

Another way of DIYing your wedding is to save any empty jars. Finished a jar of coffee, or jar of pesto? Save these and buy some lace to wrap around them.

Jars filled with candles cost about £100 from a wedding venue dresser. Do it yourself for nearly nothing, and just buy the lace and candles

I managed to find 20 jars already wrapped in lace at a car boot sale for £3.

Money Saved: £270

Use cashback sites

I hark on about cashback sites to my family, but I don’t understand why people wouldn’t use them.

If I’m ever online shopping, I’ll search TopCashback to see if the shop or supplier is offering cashback. I earned £0.60 back on my wedding shoes, £2.40 on confetti and a huge £50 on our wedding rings. Save money on your wedding day by at least receiving some money back for what you’re buying.

wedding rings on pillow

Cashback is obviously more beneficial for big purchases. Some things like suits are too risky to buy online. But your wedding shoes, jewellery or even wedding decor from Not on the Highstreet could see you gaining back some of what you spent.

Money saved: £100

There are loads more ways you can save, but these have been the easiest for me without taking away from the day. It means we don’t have to feel guilty about overspending on the bridesmaids dresses, or going slightly over budget on the videographer.

These ways to save money on your wedding can all help. They’re all small amounts, but with these four things combined, you’ve saved £870!

Do you have any other tips that you would add to the list?