Perfect Wedding Destinations Around the World

Everyone’s idea of perfect wedding destinations is so different which I absolutely love.

If all weddings were the same, they’d be boring. It isn’t about getting married in a church anymore, and people are choosing to get married abroad, because it’s cheaper. So I decided to compile a list of perfect wedding destinations to help give you some inspiration. I’ve tried to incorporate a mixture of destinations from all over the world.

Trou aux Biches Beach, Mauritius

A beach in Mauritius. Need I say more?

Without a venue as such, these sorts of weddings can be a little bit more difficult to prepare for. You’d have to consider chair and table rentals so your guests would have somewhere to sit during the ceremony. And then you’d have to consider where to move on afterwards: a hotel somewhere or a local village. It’s absolutely still a beautiful choice. And you could even dare to go snorkelling after the ceremony!

perfect wedding destinations - Mauritius on the beach

Vincigliata, Tuscany

Is there a more romantic place to get married than in a castle in Tuscany? You can be Cinderella for the day in your stunning Italian palace. Unlike the UK, the weather will be almost guaranteed to be nice, and there’s an option for an outdoor or an indoor wedding. Just remember that the bigger the wedding venue, the grander the wedding price tag.

Castle in Tuscany, perfect wedding destinations


Aspen, Colorado

If you prefer some breathtaking scenery surrounding your wedding ceremony, then these Rocky Mountains might be on your list of perfect wedding destinations. There are a number of hotels up in the mountains that can host your wedding, you’ll just have to make sure your guests don’t get lost.


Aspen, Colorado wedding


The Great Barn, UK

Barn weddings and rustic weddings have been huge over the last five years. People are choosing to sit on hay bales instead of chairs, or to wear cowboy boots instead of stilettos. If you’re looking for a stunning barn venue, choose this one in Norfolk, UK. It’s a Grade 1 listed building and will add a rustic touch to your day.


barn wedding venue, UK


Those are my perfect wedding destinations from around the world. Whether you want barn or manor house, home or abroad, there is a destination out there for you.

How to create a Cinderella themed wedding

Every bride wants to feel like a princess, so here are my top ideas to create the perfect Cinderella themed wedding.

Fairytale invites

You can buy fairytale invites, like these ones (pictured) from Zazzle. If you choose this option, the theme won’t be a surprise for your guests, so it’s up to you. There’s loads of other themed wedding invites out there, so shop around and find the ones you love most. You might even be able to find some that mimic a scroll.


White horse and carriage

You’ll be the belle of the ball when you arrive in a carriage driven by white horses, complete with feathers of course.

This option usually costs the same as hiring a vintage car. It’s an added bonus for the guests who will have the opportunity to pet the horses.

Cinderella themed wedding with white horses and a carriage

Image courtesy of


Buy yourself some Cinderella glass slippers

Say I Do in Choo

If you really wanted to treat yourself, you can say I Do in Choo. These Cinderella-inspired slippers won’t come cheap, but they’re absolutely stunning.



Buy a ‘Cinderella’ wedding dress from Alfred Angelo.

Alfred Angelo recently released a collection of wedding dresses inspired by all the Disney princesses. And not just the main ones. He even covers Mulan, Pocahontas and Tiana.

He has a whole variety of ‘Cinderella’ styles to choose from, though they are mostly princess/ballgown style. View the whole collection.

Light  blue and white theme

When we think of Cinderella, we picture her in that light blue ballgown from the end of the film. Make this the theme of your whole wedding by incorporating it into the table decorations and the cake. You could even buy some jewellery, such as earrings, that feature blue diamonds. Take a look on Pinterest for more ideas.

Get married in a castle

If your budget stretches this far, you can get married in a castle such as this one. This is Peckforton Castle based in Cheshire, and would complete your Cinderella themed wedding.


Would you want a big, princess-themed wedding, or more personal and intimate? Let me know in the comments!