What Your Wedding Invitations Should Reveal About Your Big Day

Part of the fun of planning a wedding is the fact that none of your guests know what you’re doing.

However, your wedding invitations should reveal important information like venue, theme (colour or otherwise) and time and date.

You can keep them guessing as much as you want. Most brides keep certain things, like their dress, a secret until the big reveal. Others choose to take their secrecy even further by refusing to disclose any major details.

But, there’s no denying that it’s usually essential to reveal at least some of the things you have planned. Leaving guests in the dark is all well and good, but it could lead to issues of logistics. After all, how can they attend if you keep things like your venue secret?

This is where your wedding invitations come in. These are the first hint of what your big day will be all about. It might give them a clue to colour scheme or your style.

As such, it’s essential you work out just how much you would like them to reveal. For the most part, this entirely depends on the level of secrecy you want to keep. But, we’re going to look at a few essentials which should always make an appearance on there somewhere.


Your venue

Obviously, your venue has to appear on your invitations. As fun as it would be to keep this a complete secret, there’s just no way you could work it. Well, not without buying expensive buses to transport everyone blind. In the long run, though, that wouldn’t work out. So, bite the bullet and put the address on there. On the plus side, there are plenty of other areas for mystery fun.


Your theme

Wedding invitations should reveal a style or design you’ve gone for. They don’t have to give away too much though.

You’ll need to give your guests a bit of a hint of what they can expect. This could be as simple as a coloured bow. Or, you could go all out and reveal your vintage theme using something like these vintage wedding invitations.

Instead of seeing this as ruining the fun, use it to increase the mystery. After all, done right, a hint like this could only tantalise your guests more. By thinking outside the box, you could create a real sense of mystery. For example, if you’re getting married in a wooded area, merely list the address and write ‘bring your wellies’. Your guests will drive themselves crazy trying to work it out.


The dress code

If you’re going all out with your themed wedding, the chances are that you have a dress code. The downside here is that you’ll need to reveal your theme beforehand to ensure your guests adhere.

It’s a catch 22 situation. It would be a load of fun to keep that theme secret, but it just wouldn’t be practical. Plus, seeing your guests all dressed up will be a lot more fun. Imagine how amazing that’ll look in your wedding photos! Sometimes, you just have to compromise on secrecy. There are plenty of other ways to keep guests guessing when the time comes.

How I Made my Wedding Invitations for Under £100

I made my own wedding invitations for under £100, and I wanted to share with you how I managed it.

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. Wedding invites are one of those expensive necessities, but really it’s just some paper with information about the time and date of your wedding. You can get some truly stunning wedding invites for around £3.50 per invite. But I did my wedding invitations for under £100, 97p per invite, and I think they look equally as lovely.

I found a design that I liked and asked my sister to create it for me. They only took her a couple of days, and she was happy because I paid her with wine. I’m sure this is the sort of thing you can do yourself too. If you have access to software such as Photoshop or similar, you could design your own simple invites. Mine were very simple, as that’s the way I wanted them. We chose traditional wording.

wedding invitations for under £100 - DIY

You can see that they’re on an off-white background with no other decoration. They’ve been printed on really thick, matt card.

Along with the invites, I included one information slip that has directions from the church to the venue. The slip includes the phone numbers of local hotels and taxi companies, and a small poem that explains what we would like as a wedding present.

There is an RSVP card with our mobile numbers on. It also asks guests to tell us of any dietary requirements and a song choice.

Gluing and Sticking

The main invitation and all the extra slips are being tied together with ribbon the colour of our bridesmaids dresses. It was only 29p per metre from Hobbycraft.

We were having a small dilemma about what to tie the ribbon together with. I was very conscious of our invitations looking too homemade. I considered tying a bow but thought it would look messy. Instead I found these stunning bows on Etsy that have stickers on the back. I wrapped the ribbon round and secured it by sticking the bow over the seam.

white bows for DIY wedding invitations

This is the finished result: simple, elegant, and the yellow ribbon adds a splash of Spring colour too.

The total came in at £88 for 90 invites. So, there you have wedding invitations for under £100!

Did you DIY your invites or pay for a company to do them for you? Were you happy with them?