4 Steps to an Organised Wardrobe

4 Steps to an Organised Wardrobe

An organised wardrobe is absolutely an essential if you want a tidy and clutter free bedroom. But sometimes, it’s easier said than done.

Maybe you’re in the throes of purchasing a fitted wardrobe, or are still designing one you’re thinking of putting in. Me and Jay are hoping that, in the new year when we get a new boiler, we can take our hot water tank out of our bedroom, and put in fitted wardrobes. We’d have so much more space and it would make our bedroom so much tidier.

But sometimes, instead of packing your new wardrobes with everything you own, it’s time for a sort out. I love a sort out. You should choose carefully what is allowed back inside your wardrobe to make it as organised as possible. Going through every piece of clothing you own can be daunting, so I’ve decided to put together a post for you full of tips on how to clean up the space.


Organised Wardrobe by Bravo London: open wardrobes with no doors



Step 1: Sort Out

You need to filter out the good from the bad and the ugly. If anything still has a tag on it and you haven’t worn it in 2 years, you aren’t going to wear it now. Be ruthless! Get rid of any shoes that you like but can’t walk in (you won’t wear them) and any clothes that you like but can’t fit into (and don’t convince yourself you’ll go on a diet to fit into them). Just get rid, and if you do happen to lose weight, buy new.

You should start 3 piles: keep, charity, bin. The ‘bin’ pile is stuff that can’t go to charity, or isn’t worthy of it: boots with holes in, underwear, earrings, used products. Most things should be able to go to charity if they’re in good condition.

Now that all the rubbish is out of the way, you can start to get your organised wardrobe ready with the items you want to keep.


Step 2. Seasons by Season

If you’ve had a well-designed, large walk-in wardrobe installed, then this is perfect! You don’t really need to organise your clothes by season and can move onto the next step.


For those of us with smaller wardrobes, we often experience problems with fitting everything in. This means you need to separate your winter clothes from your summer clothes. In winter, you should keep all your summer clothes in storage boxes under the bed or even in the loft, and switch everything over come summer. This is easier said than done, especially when you live in the UK and it can go from 12 degrees and raining to 20 degrees and sunny.


However, I have some clothes that I only wear on holiday that stay under the bed all year, and come out when we go away. In summer, thick winter coats aren’t needed, so you can bag them into vacuum bags so they shrink, and then store them under the bed or in the loft. Vacuum bags are amazing, not just for clothes, but for bedding and even wedding dresses, plus they keep the dust out.


White and brown wardrobes with large sliding doors and a bed in the background


Step 3: Frequency of Use

Hopefully, by now, you will have significantly reduced the amount of clothes in your wardrobe. It’s time to slowly start putting the rest of your clothes that have survived the above two steps back in. There are a number of ways you can create your organised wardrobe. Mine’s organised by event and colour. So my day-to-day clothes are on the left, organised from white to black. My going out dresses are on the right, again organised by colour from white to black.


If you’d prefer, you can do it by type, e.g. t-shirts, shirts, dresses, etc. It’s best if you keep all longer items together, so maxi dresses should all be grouped at one end.


Everything will be so much neater, and there’ll be less chance of things getting creased because there’s more space.


Step 4: Everything has its place

Once everything is in, you should be able to see every item inside more easily and know exactly where everything is. You’ll have to keep on top of your organised wardrobe so it doesn’t go into a state of decline again. Whenever you’ve worn something, or done some clothes washing, you should place the items back where they came from. This also goes for shoes and accessories once they’ve been worn and taken off again.


It’s all about making good habits that you’ll stick to in the future.


Feeling inspired to reorganise your wardrobe, or even buy new ones? Check out these great fitted wardrobes and storage solutions. Arrange your free, no obligation design visit to see what can be created in the space you have.


Pink women's fashion items in a drawer of a wardrobe that's got separators in


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