Dream Home has a Dream New Bathroom

Dream Home has a Dream New Bathroom

Everything that we’ve done to this house has been on a tight budget, and that includes our new bathroom.

Although we’ve saved a lot of money, we have also spent A LOT. Buying a brand new bathroom is expensive, so we figured out how we could make it cheaper. And it sort of happened by accident.

My brother works at Wickes, a bathroom, kitchen and general DIY warehouse. Instant 20% off.

They also happened to have a 50% off Christmas/Winter sale, that they then stretched to 65%. Amazingly, we got half of my brother’s discount on top!

Our bathroom was over 75% off and it meant we could pick out whatever we wanted in the warehouse.

Old bathroom

This is a before picture of the bathroom as it was when we moved in. Our original intentions were to not touch the bathroom for a couple of years. But as I mentioned in this post, we had a leaking soil pipe that ran through the inside of the bathroom.

It involved us taking theĀ whole bathroom out so it looked like this.

Building site bathroom

We did, ultimately, have to take the toilet out, so we’ve been without one for about 6 weeks! Luckily, we aren’t living in this house.

Last week, we got the floorboards back down in time for the tiler. I’m absolutely in love with my tiles, which is such a relief.

new bathroom tiles

Seeing them on the wall has transformed the room. It has brightened it and finally adds our personal style.

We’ve still got a way to go. The flooring is going in, and then the toilet and the sink can follow. I’m just so excited to show you the finished thing! It’ll be the first room of the house to be completed, and I hope I’ll start to feel like I’m getting somewhere.

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