Choosing The Right Radiator For Your Home

Choosing The Right Radiator For Your Home

Okay, so I know that radiators aren’t the most interesting topic, but choosing the right radiator can make a huge different to the look of your home.

You might be familiar with the classic boxy radiators that take up half of your space, aren’t the nicest to look at, and are dust traps. But now there are LOADS of other options available that look sleek and modern. Choosing the right radiator isn’t difficult when you know what your natural home style is. It also helps to know where you’re going to put it so you can take dimensions.

Before we get into radiators, you need to look at the source: your boiler or water tank. This needs to run efficiently if you want to heat your house. If you’re trying to be more efficient, then it might be worth looking at Mixergy Tank installers My Plumber.

The key to choosing the right radiator is to know how much space you are willing to give up in your room. You also need to think is the radiator going to be on display or not. If no one is ever going to see it, then you might not need to worry so much about what it looks like.

With so many options available, it can be difficult choosing the right radiator for you. So here’s how you narrow the search down to what you want. 


The Room

We’re starting with the room itself. You need to think where your radiator is going. This is important because you may need to get a plumber in to move pipes around if you’re moving the radiator from its original location.

If it’s going under a window, you’ll need a long, narrow radiator. If you have an unusual space for it to go (like my Mum did) you can get a six-foot tall radiator which takes up less wall space lower down. And, to be honest, makes a bit of a statement too.


Me, my mum and my sister with a large six foot tall radiator behind us.


The Style

There are so many different types of radiator available. If you look at a site like Radiator Outlet you’ll be able to see loads of styles and sizes to fit anyone’s idea of perfect. 

The good news is modern radiators tend to be much more energy efficient than their older counterparts. So if you want to update your style and bring it into the contemporary realm, you will be able to do this and not miss out on the practicality. It might be worth talking to your plumber to ask whether you are able to install a smaller radiator than the one you currently have. Most of the time this shouldn’t be an issue.

The Best Material

With the variety of radiators available on the market, you’ll be surprised at the different materials on offer to you when you do come to look for a radiator.

There is the classic painted metal variety available everywhere. You might even want to change the colour so it blends in with your walls, or paint it a different colour altogether. Radiators don’t have to be an eyesore, but can become a part of your decor. 

The most common modern design is stainless steel. It looks sleek, has a chrome effect and is incredibly popular in modern homes and apartments.

The material you use will depend on the room you plan to use it in and whether it will be on display. Generally, radiators which are not painted get a little bit hotter to the touch, so it might not be a great idea to have these all over the house if you have children.


I hope this guide has helped for those choosing radiators in their homes. There really is so many to choose from it can be a bit baffling! What kinds of radiators do you have in your home (or wished you had)?

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