Hottest Home Decor Trends 2018

Hottest Home Decor Trends 2018

Forget New Year, New You… it’s time for New Year, New Home!

If you have grown a bit tired with your home decor, 2018 represents the perfect opportunity for you to spruce it up. This guide is the only thing you need to learn about the popular home decor trends we’ll see this year, and how you can put them in your home. 


Floral prints have long been popular, and in 2018 they are coming to the fore in the form of the botanical trend. This is an easy trend to bring into the home. The first step is to invest in indoor plants. This is much easier than trying to re-wallpaper a room and then decide you don’t like it. 

Not only do plants freshen up a space, but they’re also there to create a healthy home environment. Just make sure your cat doesn’t eat them and result in a £300 vet bill (I’m clearly not still upset about that).

If you want to get the botanical theme without having to spend lots of money redecorating a room, just focus on the accessories. Buy some botanical print cushions for your sofa. Use earth, natural colours such as greens and browns, and even yellow. Leaf prints are widely available: with birds, without birds, bold pattern, detailed pattern, ferns and ivies, to bright flowers. There will be something in this trend that you like for sure.


When Pantone announced their Colour of the Year as Ultra-Violet, a lot of people were left a little bit unhappy. I haven’t even been a huge fan of purple and don’t think I’d ever use it in my home. As soon as the colour was revealed, hundreds of articles went out about how you can incorporate purple into your home.

Pantone's Colour of the Year Ultra Violet - home decor trends 2018



Pineapples were everywhere last summer, and I definitely haven’t seen as many in the lead up to winter. But I’m sure, come March, all the gold pineapple statues you could want will be filling Primark once again. 

You can get pineapple print dinner plates, pineapple centrepieces for your dining table, or something even more bold like pineapple print wallpaper!


Striking flooring

‘Feature walls’ and ‘accent walls’ have been around for a long time now (long enough for us to have got bored of them?). Now, striking flooring is making a feature. Many people are renovating their hallways with patterned, Victorian-style tiles such as these ones.

Bold Victorian floor tiles

Picture taken from


Vinyl flooring such as Karndean flooring is expected to make a comeback, with homeowners and designers making a real statement with the colour and style of flooring they choose. But, the key is to keep it sleek and sophisticated. Too much can be too tacky. If you choose a patterned floor, make sure your wallpaper design/paint is kept clean and minimal. This doesn’t mean that you can’t choose a bold colour. A dark blue would look amazing with the above patterned floor, if your room can hold it.


Luxe metallic touches

Last year, rose gold was everywhere: in lamps, waste bins, chairs, candles, table legs. Soon after came copper, because of the industrial look. Copper went with wood and other metals really well to create a loft look. Instead, for home decor trends 2018, we’ll be seeing lots of gold.

When I first heard this, I thought about our original 70s door handles. Or an aged dresser with gold handles. However, gold can be done tastefully and in a modern way, so don’t panic!

John Lewis is selling these lamps, which they’ve paired with a gold table.



They’ve also included two of our home decor trends 2018: plants, and bold flooring. The space looks light and modern and the gold fits in really well.


Artisan textures

Texture is always an important feature of home decor that people tend to forget about. They instead focus on colour, material, style, but not so much texture. In this home decor trends 2018 list, I’ve included textured furniture, such as wicker and rattan furniture. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this trend a little. Bring it into your home, but not too much. Buy a wicker bin, or place a wicker basket in the bathroom to store toilet rolls. 


Glam dark woods

The final thing on the home decor trends 2018 guide is dark wood. Again, gold combined with dark wood makes me think of a room straight out of the 60s. BUT, it can work, and it can work well.

Oak has been the wood that everyone has turned to recently, but it’s possibly time to replace this. The dark wood will work well with the Victorian-style tiles too, or other traditional trends.


dark wood furniture with large bay window and cream walls and rug




So there you have it: some of the top home decor trends 2018. Are you going to embrace any of these trends in your home?


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