House Update: Getting ready for the carpet installation

House Update: Getting ready for the carpet installation

This week has been a race against time in order to get everything ready before the carpet installation on Tuesday.

The carpet installation is happening next Tuesday (27th June). Since last Monday, I needed to:

  • Sand the entire staircase, including all the spindles, handrail and baserail.
  • Sand all the new skirting board in the lounge, up the stairs, and on the landing.
  • Prime the staircase (twice),
  • Prime all the skirting boards (twice)
  • Sand any remaining plaster around sockets
  • Use satin wood paint on the upstairs door frames
  • Satin the staircase
  • Satin all the skirting boards,
  • Carefully satin around the fireplace (that was a nerve-wracking experience)
  • Use satin on the the loft ceiling hatch (which was looking a very odd shade of yellow)
  • Touch up all the painting under the windowsills, around plug sockets, and on any walls where it looked patchy.

Between me and my mum, we managed to achieve all that in 5 days. I went after work every day, and stayed until 8pm. Then yesterday (Saturday) I was there from 10am until 5.30pm.

Our phone line and broadband decided to stop working. My dad managed to fix the problem, and then we made a decision to move the socket up quite a lot. The socket was right where we needed the skirting board to go, so my dad managed to move the whole socket up about an inch. Jay then re-plastered the wall, which is why I needed to repaint.

But the most exciting part is coming up: deciding where furniture is going, getting mirrors and other accessories up, and deciding where my candles can go! This really is the fun part, where I can let my creativity go and experiment with the positioning of things.

I’ve had my eye on this console table from Next so I can’t wait to buy that next month. I’ve got the perfect spot for it.

Photo Gallery

Our stairs are now completed ready for the carpet installation:

Jay was reaching bits of wall I was too afraid to reach– and maybe you can see why…

…whilst putting his foot on my newly-primed windowsill.

Our fireplace (and all the walls/skirting around it) is complete:

fireplace fitted for carpet installation

Ignore those wires sticking out the wall because I’m waiting on them being connected to some sort of usable socket by Jay.

The walls are now fully completed, and tomorrow will be spent cleaning up ready for our brand new carpet. Can’t wait to show you the pictures!


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