A House Update: Fitting our washing machine

A House Update: Fitting our washing machine

We moved into our renovated house last week, but we still don’t have a washing machine.

One of the huge selling points of our house was the double garage in the back garden, which is where our washing machine is being fitted. Luckily, our mums live nearby, and they have let us their theirs for now! 

For those that have read the news this week, there has been uproar because TV presenter, Kirstie Allsopp claimed that it was “disgusting” to put a washing machine in your kitchen.

First of all, her comment was taken way out of context. She was responding to another tweet that said:

Americans in our office are always confused by the British habit of putting washing machines in kitchens and view this as disgusting.

She simply, by personal preference, doesn’t like the washing machine in the kitchen.

And I agree!

Our house is a 3-bed semi and cost under £150k. We don’t have all the money in the world, we’re just lucky enough to have a huge double garage in our back garden. Though it means our garden is tiny, I much prefer it this way from an easy-to-manage point of view.

It made so much sense to get it out of the kitchen. We wanted more space to put cupboards and storage space. I also don’t like the look of white appliances in a kitchen. Our kitchen (which was second-hand on eBay) didn’t cost us a fortune, and has a built-in fridge and freezer. We haven’t got a dishwasher, because there’s only two of us, and I simply didn’t want the washing machine taking up space.

But getting our washing machine in the garage hasn’t been easy!

Jay has spent 4 days digging a trench a meter deep that stretches from our water supply into the garage. It had to be deep enough so the pipes don’t freeze in winter. He had to hire a petrol-powered saw to dig through 6 inches of concrete. Luckily we had the correct tools for the job! 



trench for washing machine


A lot of people have questioned what happens when I have to take the washing out in the rain? Well, on the way out, it’s dirty so no probs. On the way in, it’s like 4 metres from our back door so I think we’ll manage.

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