The Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

The Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

A few days ago, we had the Living Room reveal, but now we have the bathroom reveal!

The bathroom was one of the biggest jobs. We weren’t actually planning on changing it  right away. But a leaking soil pipe, and the need to get access to the wiring under the floorboards, meant the whole thing had to come out. But finally here is the bathroom reveal:


The family who lived here previously seemed to like this pine cladding that was everywhere. It was up the stairs, in the lounge, and clearly in the bathroom.

The bathroom reveal - before

Of course, it could have been hiding any sort of problems, but lucky for us, there was no leak (apart from the pesky soil pipe) and no hidden horrors.

We have kept the layout very much the same. The toilet, sink and bath all remain in the same place, as does the radiator (to the right of the camera).

We haven’t kept ANYTHING from this room. Not even the toilet roll holder or the lights.


The bathroom reveal - after






We opted for creams and browns to keep a warm feel to it. These photos were taken a few months ago, so we’ve since put an extractor fan where that wire is hanging out of the wall.

I’m looking for some trailing ivy that can hang down the windowsill and really brighten up the room.

I adore our sink. It was so expensive but so worth it. I love the shape of it, and how much storage there is on the inside. The door has soft close too which is a luxury.

We’ve left a bit of space at the end of the bath for a product holder (a nice one!) like this one from The White Company

I also love that our bath is double-ended, again a bit of a luxury: I preferred the style and the look of them. I also adore our waterfall taps which finish off the whole thing.

It still looks a bit bare, but eventually we’ll fill it up with towel rails and bathrobes. It’ll feel much more home-y.

So there you have it, our bathroom reveal.

Look out for the kitchen/diner reveal, coming soon!

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