How to Make your Stairs a Feature

How to Make your Stairs a Feature

Stairs can take up a lot of space in a room, but they don’t have to be boring: you can make your stairs a feature space.

Stairs are a necessity and not really something we choose to put in our house. They’re a way of us getting from the downstairs to the upstairs. But rather than thinking of them as a useful-but-not-needed tool, make your stairs a feature and turn them into a statement.


Use a glass balustrade

I recently did a post about making your hallway appear bigger and lighter. A hallway is a long and narrow space that often doesn’t get much natural light thanks to all the doors that come off it. If you don’t want to stain your stairs for fear of making the space darker, you can install glass balustrades such as the ones from Cheshire Mouldings.

They can be used in such a way to make your staircase appear as if it’s floating. The glass will make the staircase blend in with the wall more seamlessly. The glass also lets much more light through and reflects it, making your hallway appear lighter too.

make your stairs a feature with a glass banister

Install a runner

This is the sort of task you can do yourself and can be reasonably cheap. If you have wooden stairs already, the runner can be stapled in place. Just remember that your stairs won’t be perfectly straight, so measure the width properly all the way down. Otherwise you’ll have a wonky runner.


stairs with runner


Runners draw the eye up the stairs, so they can create an illusion if you have a small narrow hallway of it being bigger than it really is.


Use wallpaper on the stairs

floral staircase with wallpaper

Photo credit:

Wallpaper is a fun and easy way of adding some colour and pattern to make your stairs a feature. It’s easy to apply, is relatively cheap and can look amazing. See how Sarah’s used the floral pattern in the stairs above which adds bright yellows and pinks to stairs that might otherwise be brown and white.


Use different colours and woods

Don’t just stick to one type of colour or wood. A deep mahogany looks lovely with white spindles, which is what Christine has done from Little House on the Corner

white and mahogany staircase

Photo credit:

They lovingly restored their falling apart staircase and made it look incredible.

There are so many ways you can change up your stairs. They don’t have to be plain, but can be seen as a piece of artwork that brightens up your house. Make them a statement!


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