Top Interior Design Trends 2017: Fabrics, Colours and Materials

Top Interior Design Trends 2017: Fabrics, Colours and Materials

Look no further for the Top Interior Design Trends 2017. This article will cover patterns, colours, textures, and designs that you need in your home this Autumn/Winter 2017.


There seems to be a clash of the colours at the moment. Bold and daring hues are in, but similarly, so are grey, white and soft pastels, so it seems at the minute anything goes. Rich jewel tones such as deep purple or emerald go hand in hand with softer pastels: the two will compliment each other splendidly.

Whether you prefer bold or muted, both colours are making themselves known. Earthy colours are on the horizon, so think terracotta, sand, cinnamon, olive green. These types of colours come from the huge influx of Scandinavian-inspired homes that are splashed all over blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest. More and more people are opting for minimalism and comfort in hygge.

In our panicked lives, we want our homes to be serene and calming which comes with warm neutral colours. It seems we want to return to the great outdoors within the comfort of our own home. These colours are enabling us to do that. When working from home, we want a peaceful home office that makes us feel productive.

More and more people are opting for dark, intense colours too. There are a lot of walls being painted navy blue or racing green, offset with white furniture and shelving to add light, and contrast the dark even more. Combine such colours with rich velvet sofas and warm metals such as copper and bronze, and we’re almost returning to the Edwardian era of interiors.

Copper jugs on a dining table

Outdoor living space with plants

Sofa on purple wall - interior design trends


Materials had to be In the Top Interior Design Trends 2017 list, but what kind of materials can we expect to be using in our homes?

Natural and raw materials are continuing to be a big hit, especially with the industrial/attic look. To achieve this, use plenty of reclaimed worn wood to give a rustic look, as well as dark metals including steel, bronze and copper. These always look incredible with a bare brick wall.

We’re saying farewell to glossy, high-shine finishes, and opting for the ‘pre-decoration’ look. If you’re brave enough, then use cement or plaster finishes on your walls. If you’re worried about the space looking bare, add some plants for a homey touch.

Something else that I’m seeing a lot of is velvet. Velvet in armchairs and sofas will make in appearance in our home-ware shops, maybe even some thick, warm velvet curtains. Velvet can look quite heavy, so make sure your room can hold it.

With Pantone announcing a rich green as their Colour of the Year 2017, we’ve seen an increase in earthy colours and green home accessories. But it hasn’t stopped with furniture, and plants are burdening everyone’s homes. But this is not a bad thing. I love plants, and they make our home healthier. Combine the plants with lots of natural wood for a basic return to nature.

Pair the theme of nature with bronze for a true outdoors and industrial feel. These stunning pineapple lamps from will truly stand out and be admired by many.

Pineapple lamps on table from Home Square

Design and Style

Just like with fashion trends, vintage is returning. In the near future, there will be a recreation of the 60s and 70s. Geometric patterns and loud clashing colours will be seen not just in furniture, but also in lighting and accessories.

But don’t be afraid to pair vintage with modern. This is a look that always works, especially if you add some timeless, classic accessories. The look need to be about adding your personal touch and design. With the number of new builds popping up, people are aspiring to make their house look and feel different to the other hundred on the block. The way to do this is go bold with your interior.

Patterned flooring and tiles has made a comeback in an incredible farmhouse-style way. The crazy patterns and colours are being paired with plain white, retro tiles, so these are huge Top Interior Design Trends 2017. See the picture below from Emily Henderson’s blog. She’s chosen these incredible blue, 60s-esque geometric tiles and put them with white tiles. She’s even completed the vintage/modern style with a sink vanity unit which she found at a flea market. She up-cycled it to create this stunning sink, and has finished the look with all gold, retro taps and it’s a classic example of how to combine vintage, modern and classic.


Top Interior Design Trends 2017 - 60s and 70s retro is back

Photo courtesy of

Top Interior Design Trends 2017 - tiles and white

Photo courtesy of

Blue sofa with throw, cushions and a pile of books

Fabric and Patterns

60s and 70s is making a return in fabric as well as in specific materials, so we’re adding them to the Top Interior Design Trends 2017 list. Imagine large geometric furniture pieces, in luxury black and gold, as well as the daring colours of the 60s such as orange and yellow.

As briefly mentioned above too, velvet is making a sure reappearance. It is such a flexible material: casual but formal, elegant, and it adds cosiness and warmth to a room. But don’t stick with traditional jewel colours like Royal Blue and Emerald. Why not go for a light pink velvet armchair?

Wall coverings are slowly replacing paint. You’ll find them draped over walls in rooms that use a lot of deep reds and dark woods. This mysterious style comes from North African and Indian influences, and even the Middle East too. The patterns are normally intricate and beautiful, and can easily be hung to transform the look of your room.

With earthy themes that we’re seeing a lot of popularity with, we can expect jungle-themed wall paper, prints and art work to be introduced. Forget your bright yellows or oranges with this particular style. You’re looking for moody and dark. Add some plants around your home to really make you feel like you’ve brought the outside in.



Our Top Interior Design Trends 2017 include all sorts of characteristic styles and a huge variety of fabrics, colours and designs. This is the year of go bold or go home. Make the most of it.


  1. August 7, 2017 / 11:08 pm

    I’d argue that following the popularity of hygge, trends are shifting towards observance of the importance of texture and materials in a home. Starting with wood, fur and woollen textures, home owners are now crafting trios of materials for their own interiors; take copper, velvet and houseplants. The tones are as rich as hygge but are more suitable for a warmer climate, and a more metropolitan environment.

    • sarahaelsley
      August 8, 2017 / 7:56 am

      Hi Sarah,

      Yes I’d never thought of it like that. I supposed hygge has evolved to suit our country rather than that of someone else. A feeling of warmth is definitely what we need in our homes to counteract the freezing cold outside! Copper and racing green is something that I love as a combination. It definitely still has a botanical and earthy feel.
      Thanks for commenting!

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