Statement Furniture To Redesign Your Home

Statement Furniture To Redesign Your Home

Afraid to use statement furniture in your home? Don’t be!

Decorating your home can be so much fun, but deciding exactly what you want, before seeing it in real life can be a bit of a conundrum. Most people start with a colour scheme and work around that. And some people start with an item or a piece of furniture and build the room around it. But figuring out what that piece should be can be just as annoying. A small item can get lost in the finished product. Statement furniture can both dominate and complete a room — statement pieces are great in a minimalistic room, a busy room, or a light and airy room.


Sofas are often the biggest piece of furniture in the living room. Though you could get a neutral sofa and accessorise it, a statement sofa can really bring a room together. You can find statement sofas from most sofa sites and stores; you can also look for a designer chesterfield sofa sale for a higher end piece of furniture for a great price.


light room with large bed and yellow and purple colours

Your bedroom is predominantly for the use of your bed. It’s the focus of the room, and you want it to look great. A statement bed frame can change the whole tone of the bedroom. You can go for bold colours, bold fabrics or just a bold shape. You can pile it high with cushions, or you can let the frame speak for itself.


Fireplaces absolutely count as furniture so they really belong in this statement furniture list. A fireplace can be a great focal point for a room. Using a large moulded surround will draw the eye straight to it. You don’t even need a working fire — you can use the surround to mark out an area of the room, and you can use flowers or a mass of candles to create the illusion of a fireplace. A statement mirror hanging above the fireplace would really finish off the look.

large statement fireplace with white surround

Dining Table

Food is where the family are. Everyone flocks to the kitchen when something is cooking. It’s where the food is. So having a statement dining table makes the congregation so much comfier. If you have a large kitchen, then you can go for a large table that fills the space. A farmhouse table made from a slab of wood would look great. If you have a smaller kitchen, a smaller, bright and funky table will complete the space perfectly.


home office wooden desk

In a home office, your main space is your desk — whether you go vintage with a mahogany carved desk, or modern with clean white lines, you can use the desk to make the space. A desk doesn’t have to be huge to dominate the space; by placing it in the centre of the room, or creating a right-angle parallel to the wall will create a statement piece. You can also create more storage space by growing your desk up the wall, with shelving, pin boards, and lighting.

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