How to Create a Relaxing Living Room

How to Create a Relaxing Living Room

Want to create a more tranquil and relaxing living room? I may have some suggestions for you.

Let’s face it, our lives are already full of stress, whether that’s in the office, during the commute or even just dealing with the world around us.

In the modern age, it’s more important than ever that we make our home a safe haven, where we can relax. The heart of that peaceful environment is the living room. Your living room should be a place of relaxation and ease.

There are many ways to achieve the desired effect, from a pretty arrangement of cushions to fitting café style shutters, or light, airy curtains. Here are six more suggestions to achieve a relaxing living room.


Get rid of the clutter

Specifically, remove the unnecessary furniture and accessories. In fact, removing excessive decorations or objects is the first step in getting the ideal balance between furniture and clear space. This means not just decluttering – which should be a regular part of your home maintenance – but taking a critical look at all furniture items and getting rid of those you don’t need, or those that make the room more busy and less peaceful.


Furniture arrangement

You don’t need to go full feng shui if that isn’t your cup of tea, but it is possible to significantly improve the tranquillity of your home by making a few adjustments to the way that your furniture is arranged. One idea is to give each item of furniture ‘room to breathe’. Move your sofa away from the wall, and perhaps arrange your coffee table, side chair and lamps to create a dispersed but coherent area for conversation.


Colour and textures

Think about adding neutral or warm colours to make a more relaxing living room. That can help to make your living room feel cosier, as can the introduction of different fabrics. Adding soft cushions, throws and rugs is a great way to make the room more welcoming and relaxing.


Cosy corner

There are few things more relaxing than sitting in a cosy chair, putting your feet up, and losing yourself in a good book for an hour or two. So, why not set aside a corner of your living room as a reading nook? Go for your plushest armchair and aim to set up this space by the window, so that you can get the full benefit of natural light.


Natural Zen

There is much similarity between the design principles of tropical homes and spas. Both attempt to create a calming environment through using natural materials, bringing the outside world inside. Why not add items such as stone, wood, plants, and even bamboo to your home, to capture some of the tranquillity of the Zen effect.


Calming vignettes

A vignette is a pleasing spectacle produced by a small arrangement of items, rather than a large collection. By gathering a few items that have a calming effect, you can create a vignette that will enhance the tranquillity of your living room.



Everyone deserves to have somewhere to relax and unwind after a busy day. Hopefully these tips will help to inspire you to turn your living room into a cosy den of peace.



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