Do you feel like you’ve got an outdated home?

Do you feel like you’ve got an outdated home?

No matter how stunning your home might be when you first move in, you’ll start to hate your outdated home after a few years.

Whether that’s because its design has gone out of style or simply because its furnishings and possessions have become tired and in need of repair. You need to keep on top of any changes.

We all enjoy looking at homes of sale in our spare time, but moving shouldn’t be your first option. Instead, you should try to improve what you have. You’ll need to declutter (you might think you’ve outgrown your home, but realistically, you just need to get rid of some stuff), and update some furniture you’ve had for years.

It all depends on your personal judgement of the situation. If you do think your outdated home can still be saved with a few interior design changes, then here are some ideas…


Assess the damage

Before you start making changes to your home, or looking for somewhere else to live, you need to assess the root of the problem. Walk through your house and make notes about the aspects of each room that ruin the aesthetic and the ‘comfort factor’ of your humble abode.

Maybe you’ll find that you don’t hate quite so many things as you initially thought. In this case, the renovation project might be quite straightforward. Of course, there’s also a chance that you won’t see any hope for recovery.


Clean up and redecorate

You need to tidy up your home. Improving the interior design of any household starts with the basics. You need to clean and declutter. This will make you feel MILES better. We all like a good sort out.

Sift through your belongings in each room of the house and start to make three piles. Things you want to keep, things you want to throw, and things you could sell or give to charity. You’ll find that you hoard more things than you’d imagine.


paintbrush covered in white paint


Once this is done and your home is feeling more spacious, you can get onto painting and decorating. A coat of white paint on the walls will not only make the home feel fresh and ‘new’ but also give the house a neutral theme. You could think of it as a blank canvas. Either stick with the white, or get some paint testers on the wall. Have a play around with new colours you haven’t used before. You can throw any manner of colourful and intriguing designs into the house. White is a great colour that will make the home feel lighter and brighter, but it isn’t for everyone.


Convert some space

Take another look at that unused garage or attic space. Don’t you think it has the potential to be more than a room for storing all your old junk? Earlier, I mentioned the possibility of moving home if your current house is too small. The reason you should hold off on such a decision is that there’s most likely unused space on your property.

You could convert this into something useful such as a man cave or a second living area. This would mean clearing some furnishings out of other rooms, freeing them up. Extending your home, even to such a small degree, will make all the difference.


Follow these tips and your outdated home will start to feel less outdated and more ‘you’ again.





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