Monochrome Kitchen and Bathroom Inspiration

Monochrome Kitchen and Bathroom Inspiration

Monochrome is a classic look that won’t disappear anytime soon. So here’s some monochrome kitchen and bathroom inspiration for your home.

I love simple interiors. I also love black and white as it’s so versatile. If you love colour, you can add pops of it in some of your decor. You can make ‘big’ items neutral, and build up the colour and textures around it. You won’t get bored of monochrome if you keep replacing and changing your accessories to suit whatever mood you’re in that day! 

If this sounds like you, then a monochrome kitchen and bathroom is the way to go for you. So today’s post is providing you with all the monochrome kitchen and bathroom inspiration you didn’t know you needed. 



A kitchen is one of the things that will add value to your home, especially if it’s a big, modern space with a monochrome kitchen. 


This kitchen has really got the balance between white and black perfect. Too much white can make a kitchen feel cold and clinical but the black chairs and the stunning matt black oven units bring in another warmer tone. The red apples in a wire basket add a bit of colour to an otherwise monochrome kitchen. 


The brown floor, the legs on the chairs and the brown breakfast bar add some warmth to this kitchen. I love the white glass units, which you could play around so much with. You could put plates and glasses in it, or use it to store cookbooks, and a whole range of other things. 


There are so many more things you could do with your monochrome kitchen. You could use black tiles with white grout, or white tiles with black grout. You could have black units and white work surfaces, or the other way around. 



I love monochrome bathrooms. They’ll never go out of date, meaning they’re actually a really good investment. 


Marble looks stunning in a bathroom with a white suite and black accessories. Or, like in the picture above, you can put down a black floor with white bathmat and a white freestanding bath. Is there anything better than fluffy white tiles?


Sometimes when people think of monochrome, they think of flat and dull surfaces. But this bathroom proves that monochrome doesn’t mean boring. Those textured tiles on the wall add so much texture, as does the grey fluffy bathmat. Even the slate tiles on the floor are textured. The whole thing just works so well. I

A deep, solid bath like the one above is always a good choice, with additional waterfall taps like ours. If you have the space, you could also fit in a small walk-in shower in the corner. 

black bathroom tiles with white towel

Would you consider a monochrome kitchen and bathroom? Or do you prefer a splash of colour?


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