3 Ways To Utilise Loft Space

3 Ways To Utilise Loft Space

Your attic is a large section of your home, and is normally wasted space. Utilise loft space with these simple ideas.

When you buy a house, you judge it on your needs of that particular day or year. A lot of people think ahead to what they may need in five years or so, and therefore buy a house with enough bedrooms or bathrooms for what they envision for their future.

The loft is the one space in a new house that gets neglected or left until the last minute to renovate. For some, the loft is simply a space to stash all the furniture and ornaments that they do not wish to display in the house. For others, the loft is somewhere that will one day be converted into a bedroom or bathroom, funds pending.

There are a lot of things that you can do with a loft, and when it comes to renovation, you have a blank canvas to do what you like with. We’ve got some inspiring ideas for this usually forgotten space, so feast your eyes on our three ideas below and utilise loft space for its full potential!


New Room

Most people don’t turn their loft space into a usable room, because they don’t have any way of getting up there. Checking out these examples of loft ladders and boarding for the loft can really change the game.

Turning the loft space into a bedroom, complete with carpeting, underfloor heating and insulated walls can add so much more value to the house you’ve spent money buying and changing. If you don’t need another bedroom, why not turn it into a home office space instead?

The way you choose to renovate your loft can dramatically affect the value of the house, so take some time to think before you make the changes and get in some advice from the professionals before you go ahead. Just remember to add some sort of skylight or windows, otherwise it will feel like a dark and dingy space.


Storage Space

Lofts are notoriously used as dumping grounds for boxes of ornaments, paperwork and old furniture (this is me all over). If you want to keep using the loft as the family dumping ground, you could at least make it somewhere easy to navigate. Invest in plastic boxes and get them correctly labelled for all the junk and old things in them. Doing this can make sure that you find things as easily as you need to, and can keep everything that you don’t use in the main house neat.



You could choose to use the loft space as a place to insulate. Your loft doesn’t need to be a functional and usable space to be useful. Insulating the loft walls and floor can mean that you lose less heat through the roof, and it’s important that you are as energy efficient as you can be so that you can save money on your heating bills.

The insulation in mine and Jay’s house is shocking. We want to insulate the loft and roof to conserve heat. Don’t forget that you can insulate your attic as well as store things up there, which is exactly what we’ll be doing (when we get round to it).


Maximising the space in the house that you have purchased is important so that you get the most for your money. You don’t have to renovate anything if you don’t want to, but you do get the chance to be as creative as you want, when you want!


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