Easy and small changes to transform a room

Easy and small changes to transform a room

If you find yourself getting bored of your interior, you can implement some small changes to transform a room and your living space.



Don’t be afraid to go for long curtains, even if you’ve got a small room. They’ll give the impression of a heightened ceiling and even of a bigger window. Take a look at this for instance:



small changes to transform a room - buy new curtains


This illustration also demonstrates where the curtain pole should go. Don’t make the mistake of putting it too close to the window frame. Measure it before you order your curtains, otherwise your curtains will either be dragging on the floor, or a couple of inches too short.



It’s so easy for walls to look bare. Lack of artwork will also make your room feel empty, even if you have lots of furniture and other accessories.

Artwork should be placed at a height of 57” from the floor to the centre of the piece. This is supposed to be an average eye level. It means you’ll stop putting your artwork too high or low, which can look out of place.

Read this great article from Apartment Therapy about how to not mess hanging artwork up.



One ‘big light’ in the middle of the room works, but for a better aesthetic, choose lots of smaller lamps. Put them in the corners of the room, on end tables, etc. It makes the room feel cosier yet bigger at the same time.




I love a rug, but so many people get their sizing wrong. Yet another illustration to make your rug look amazing, and buy the right size!



Either all or most of the feet of the furniture need to be on the rug. If you’re getting a rug for your dining room, all the feet need to be on the rug, even when you pull the chairs out to sit on. That’s an important point, hence it is in bold. This is a great small changes to transform a room, as it adds new texture and depth, especially if you have one large area of wooden flooring.

To me this just looks wrong:





small changes to transform a room


….is spot on.



Plants are all ‘in’ at the minute. They’re appearing hanging from people’s ceilings, on their bathroom window sills and chilling on bookshelves. Not only do they add some colour to a room, but they’re actually great for a healthy house. They improve the air quality so you can sleep better and be more productive.

Plants that like damp environments are aloe-vera, orchids, and ferns, so these are ideal for the bathroom.




In my new house, I have none of the above. We’ve currently got a pair of curtains masking taped to the window in the living room. The kitchen diner doesn’t even have that, but it’s not too bad because the back of our house is quite private.

We’ve obviously got some lighting, but our main light in the living room is a temporary single spot light, until I find one I like. Our landing doesn’t have any wall lights, because I can’t find any that I like. Maybe I’m just fussy, but I don’t want to buy something for the time being, to have to get rid of it in two months’ time.

These small changes to transform a room are all relatively cheap, and easy steps that you can use to make a difference in your home. Is there anything else you’d add to the list that you’ve tried before?

Let me know!

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