How Home Accessories Make a Difference

How Home Accessories Make a Difference

Home accessories make a difference to what your room and home looks like. Still not convinced how?

In this post, I wrote about the plans we had for a house. As first time buyers, who are also getting married, we can’t afford pieces of artwork for the walls, or lots of throws and candles.

We recently came into some money from a family member, and decided to add accessories to our house to make it much more homey.

We Bought a Rug

Rugs are expensive. Let’s just throw that out there to start with.

They may be pricey but they are absolutely worth the money you pay for them. Look at the difference it’s made to our space in the dining room.

dining table and chairs with rug





dining room rug home accessories make a difference

If you’re buying a rug, make sure that the legs of the furniture are all on the rug. If you want a rug to go under your coffee table and sofa, make sure it stretches from the back of the sofa to the front of the coffee table. Otherwise the rug can look silly and like it doesn’t fit.

I needed quite a large rug, as I wanted all the chair legs to still be on the rug even when they’re pulled out.

My dining room was mostly wood: wooden floor, wooden dining table, and wooden chairs. The rug really softens the space and adds some well-needed colour and patterns. This is a perfect example of how home accessories make a difference to a room.

I should also point out that in order for the rug to be in the centre of the room, and the table and light to be in the centre of the rug, we had to move the light fitting over about 20cm. So now we have a large hole in our ceiling.


Accessories above the fireplace

I hated sitting on our sofa and staring at the big, ugly, blank space above our fireplace. We still need a large, portrait piece of art, but we bought a solid oak beam to act as a mantel piece. It has completely changed the look of that wall that I hated so much. I think it breaks up the monotonous colour and adds a different texture too.

living room fireplace with a wooden beam and armchair

It finally meant I could add my mantel clock to an actual mantelpiece, and it looks perfect.

Adding a mirror

This is the final example that shows how home accessories make a difference. I love mirrors. They add light when you need it and make a room feel bigger. I bought this one to use as our wedding table plan. I never thought I would want to double it up and use it in our home as well.

Mostly, I thought that the style didn’t go, and that it was too ornate and fancy to suit our farmhouse/country look. But actually, it works.


white distressed mirror on a wall

It’s a large mirror, over a metre long, but it doesn’t look too big on the wall. It’s filled the space perfectly.

At some point in the near future, we’re hoping to start up-cycling some furniture that we’ve inherited and would like to paint. There’s two chest of drawers, two bedside tables and one corner dresser. It’ll be a big job, and will take a while, but watch out for that post showing the before and after!





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